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33×3 Manifestation Method – Full Guidance With Examples

33×3 Manifestation Method – If you are someone who wants to learn how to use 33×3 Manifestation to get the desired results then you are at the perfect place. (333 method)

Here I will explain the entire 33×3 Manifestation method step by step with simple examples so that you can manifest for that one thing which you want badly in your life.

Dear readers, Make sure that you don’t miss any important instructions or step so try to read the entire article and ask questions if you have any doubts in your mind 33×3 is one of the best methods to manifest but it has to be done in a proper way.

So first of all let’s understand that

What is the 33×3 Manifestation Method?

Yes, a proper understanding of this 33×3 method is absolutely necessary. So here we go,

33×3 manifestation means writing an affirmation of your desire for 33 times continuously for 3 days. Yes, remember,  for 3 consecutive days.

You can’t do it on alternate days. If due for any reason you miss the writing of affirmation then you have to start from zero again.

Now, I hope that you have clearly understood what is 33×3 Manifestation technique is and why it often call as  33×3 method.

This is method is also known as 333 method or 333 technique

How do the 33×3 Technique works?

Before doing or trying anything it is very important to know that how that thing works and why it works. Because either it’s your time, emotions, or money, it is necessary to invest in the right thing.

So here I will tell you the reason why this method of manifesting works.

As per the law of attraction, when the frequency of vibrations of two energies matches each other or comes in the same alignment then they get attracted to each other. As a result of this whole process, we get the end results.

So when you repeatedly write a positive affirmation for some days, it creates positive vibrations in your surrounding environment. When it matches with frequency or comes in alignment with your desire, then it attracts that thing towards you.

For Example, you might have seen many motivational speakers advising to stand up against a mirror and speaking something like “Yes I Can Do This” loudly every day. And the reason for this advice is the law of attraction.

Note – When it comes to manifestation or things like deep meditation, Frequencies are not only related to sound, it is also related to thoughts.

Now, I will explain the 33×3 Manifestation technique step by step with an example so that you can understand easily and implement it to get your desired results

How to do 33×3 Manifestation method

Step – 1 : Have a Faith

Step – 2 : Choose the right thing to manifest

Step – 3 : Knowing the right intent

Step – 4 : Formating the affirmation

Step – 5 : Writing in a right way

Step – 6 : Wait for the magic


Step – 1 : Have a Faith

This question might have arrived many times in your mind that,

there are so many people who do try various manifestation methods but they don’t get success ?

The shortest possible answer of this question is “The Faith” 

Yes, without faith or belief, everything is useless. Especially in manifestation where everything is dependant on those good positive vibes and vibrations.

Now the question is,

how to stop doubting or how to build a faith ?

Faith is nothing but having Total Confidence, I mean 100% Pure Confidence in that particular thing. And, confidence comes from knowledge.

This is the reason why at the start of the article I explained to you that what is 33×3 method, how does it work and what is the logic behind it.

So make sure to understand this concept clearly and ask questions if you have any doubts.


Step – 2 : Choose the right thing to manifest

Our second step is to choose the right thing or desire to manifest. Choosing the right thing is absolutely crucial because when it comes to desires, we all have hundreds of desires in our life.

Now, to select the appropriate one you have, to be honest with yourself and have to answer the questions like:

What is the one thing which I really want the most?

What is the thing which I need the most?

What is that one thing that will make a real difference in my life ?

After brainstorming and honestly answering such questions, you will be able to choose one final thing to manifest.

Tip – Select the thing or desire which touches your heart. For example, I want many things like, a chocolate bar, a nice chicken dinner, a tour to Moon, etc. but the thing which I want the most is, improved relations with my father. So here I will choose this one over many because when I thought of this desire it felt closest to my heart


Step – 3 : Knowing the right intent

Once you get to know what is that desire or thing you want to manifest for, you should select a positive intent behind that desire to make the perfect affirmation for the 33×3 manifestation.

Yes, the perfect affirmation sentence often contains intent of desire written in it it

For example, your desire is to get no.1 rank in your university exams. Now again be honest to yourself and ask why I want to top the university exams and figure out the main intent behind this desire.

Like there might be instants like grabbing the attention, proving someone wrong, showing off, winning a bet, or making your parents proud. Just choose what gives you the most positive vibes.

Because affirmation with good positive emotion works best in manifestation. As it creates more positive energy that will in the end brings the best results


Step – 4 : Formating the affirmation for (Law Of Attraction)

After completing step 3  of the 33×3 manifestation method you will be having the right desire and its intent with positive emotions.

Now you have to write down and combine them in a sentence to create a perfect affirmation for you your manifestation.

Now while creating an affirmation sentence try to put emotion or intent of desire before the desire. By doing this you will feel much positive while writing tour affirmations.

But yes, it is not mandatory in every case. The only thing which is necessary is to go for the sentence which creates the more positive energy.

You can also write your desire in a way as it already has become a reality. For this, you can use the present tense. This will make you feel better and can create more positive energy

For example, rather than writing,

I want to top the university exams so that I can make my mother proud.

you can actually write,

My mother is proud of me as I have topped the university exams

But again it’s totally up to you. No one can decide which can make you feel more positive.So go with the one you feel the closest to your heart.


Step – 5 : Writing 33 times in a right way

Do you remember in school times teachers used to give us sentences to write for 10 times as a punishment and we used just write because we have to. Ohh I know you have gone back to those good old days but, here you should not do that.

Here we not only have to write an affirmation 33 times but have to write it with feelings. Otherwise, it will not give you your desired results.

You can also speak that affirmation loudly while writing. This little practice is really helpful in creating more positive vibes. You can also visualize your desire to feel it even better.

Remember the most important thing is to feel that affirmation, so either you can choose to speak loudly or visualizing while writing as per your comfort.

When you write the affirmation 33 times a day, you became more aligned towards your desire.

Keep in mind that you must do this 33×3 manifestation for 3 consecutive days.


Step – 6 : Wait for the magic

It takes some time for plant to give you flowers. Even the great nature teaches us to have some patience with confidence in our deeds. As we can’t expect the flower in very next minute after pouring the water

After completing 3 days of your 33×3 manifestation method all you need to do is to wait with some patience and faith.

Don’t let your brain fill with dozens of negative thoughts because it will ruin the positive energy you have created during your 33×3 manifestation period.

The main reason behind manifestation techniques is to align a brain effectively towards your desires.


Conclusion – 33×3 Manifastation Method Results

It’s a 33×3 Manifatation method or any other, it’s not only about doing or following steps, but it’s all about doing it properly in the right way. That’s why I gave you 33×3 manifestation method  examples & tried to explain the importance of each step. Make sure to follow all steps perfectly and read again or comment if you have any doubts related to this writing manifestation method.

You can also share your 33×3 manifestation success stories with us.

You can also real article given below to understand manifestation techniques


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