8 Must-Ask Questions Before Choosing A Background Screening Company

A company’s future is determined by the types of employees it chooses to bring on board. Building the right workplace culture is essential for maintaining growth and fostering a friendly and helpful workplace atmosphere.

Background check providers assist in lowering the possibility of a risky or untrained hire and safeguard the assets and reputation of both big and small enterprises.

Necessity Of Questioning Your Background Screening Company

The background screening market is flooded with businesses nowadays. To conduct your pre-employment background checks, you must hire a pro. A website might state that it will search through billions of records and data and promptly return the results to you in a manner that is simple to read and understand.

But some companies may fail to disclose where this information came from, how old it is, how frequently it is updated, or whether using it is permitted under the law. Although there are several background check businesses, you must remember that not all are the same.

Here are 8 questions on background check you should ask before selecting a check provider.

8 Must Ask Questions on Background Check

How long has your company been in business?

Before you start a relationship with a potential vendor, inquire about their experience. The amount of time a company has been in business could affect its ability to deliver results that live up to your expectations.

Ask the right questions about the experience levels of start-ups as they proliferate in the market:

Have they received PBSA certification?
Do they exclusively rely on databases or automated search results, and if so, how do they ensure the results’ accuracy?
Do they outsource any of their domestic searches to foreign partners?
What are their quality assurance procedures like?

Start-ups are widespread and may offer discounted services as they compete in the market, but it doesn’t indicate that the products or services they provide are top quality.

Is Your Background Screening Company (NAPBS) accredited?

Companies that exhibit the best standards and procedures are granted accreditation by the National Association of Background Screeners (NAPBS). To be certified, background screeners must pass a rigorous process to demonstrate that they uphold the highest operations standards. You should be confident when working with a top-performing background screener by selecting an NAPBS-accredited company.

How are the call center and Customer support?

Customer service may determine how well you can work with the background check company you choose. Working with a vendor who communicates frequently can help keep your business and candidates informed about the background check procedure. Ask for specifics:

What kind of support services are provided?
How are problems solved, and what proportion of problems are solved in a single call?
Can you communicate with the customer service representatives?
Is customer service handled internally or is it contracted out to a foreign call center?
What happens if there is an escalation of the issue?
Are they accessible 24/7/365?

Investigate the company’s response to look for anything that may not align with your requirements.

What types of background checks Does Your Company Offer?

You might wish to add products or services as your company expands and evolves. Make sure they have the appropriate set of fundamental solutions, but also inquire about their entire list of current service offerings.

You would need to split your requirements amongst different companies if your current vendor cannot provide the services you want. Ensure only one background screening provider supplies you with all your requirements.

What Is The Actual Working Process?

The answer to this question depends heavily on the type of report you’ve asked for. This question is intended to confirm that they have a procedure that entails a professional reviewing the report’s findings before delivering them to you. The company’s standards and working process also depend on its employees.

What is Your Current Background Check turnaround time?

The usual turnaround time for a vendor background check should be between one and three days. Some report elements, such as employment and education verification, may need a longer turnaround time.

However, it is up to the previous employer, institution, or reference to respond promptly, which applies to all background check businesses. Therefore, it is a significant warning sign if a company promises a specific turnaround time.

These businesses make three calls, then close the search as unable to verify if they don’t receive a response, to close a search swiftly and uphold their “guarantees.”

Client Testimonials Or Case Studies Of Your Background Check Company

Ask your friends or coworkers at other companies for their opinions. Almost every business today conducts some kind of pre-employment background check. Find out who they use now and who they have used in the past. You can get the scoop on a vendor’s advantages and disadvantages from your peers.

How Much Do You Charge For Various Background Checks?

The type of report you’ve ordered significantly impacts the price. Remember that you typically get what you pay for. Although you must stay within your annual budget, picking the vendor with the lowest price isn’t always the best option, as this could indicate poor quality.

About Peopletrail

Peopletrail is a background screening company dedicated to providing accurate and streamlined background checks backed by fully-integrated solutions to help companies receive the most trusted candidate screening information.

Peopletrail adheres to strict compliance rules and monitors any changes that impact the screening process, giving businesses the actionable information they need to make the best-recruiting choices.

They provide screening solutions from various industries (government, hospitality, retail, etc.) and personal checks.


Hiring the ideal candidate for the position and ensuring workplace security can be achieved using a background screening company. Although selecting a background screening provider may seem like a lot of work, you should only have to do it once. With the above-mentioned background check questions, you will know how to shortlist the right providers.

To ensure that you are dealing with the best option and getting the most accurate information, conduct independent research during the decision-making process. Your team will feel like an extension of your business that has earned your trust and won’t be something you will have to worry about.

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