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Top-50 Andre De Grasse Quotes That Will Inspire You to Achieve a Glory (2021)

Andre de Grasse Quotes: Andre de Grasse has recently won a bronze medal in 100m sprint in the Olympics. held in Tokyo. Andre de Grasse now has a total of 4 Olympics medals and is already a hero in his country Canada. He is also been considered as a future star of the track and field world by many experts.

He is some of the most inspiring Andre de Grasse quotes and at the bottom section, you will also find his reactions, comments, and thoughts after winning the bronze Medal in Tokyo Olympics. 

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Inspirational Andre De Grasse Quotes

Give all you have to get all you want


There are no shortcuts in sprinting. You have to keep running


Sprinting is easy. All you need is just will to run


Accepting the defeat is classier than giving excuses 


Raise your game then speak


Do one thing at a time but do it well


Every good player wins something, somewhere in life but great players keep winning.


I don’t mind if I have to lose someone better than me


Always go for an extra hour


Your practice determines your performance 


I am not afraid of losing, I am afraid of not trying


In the end, you will be running alone, either it’s life or anything sports


Tough times has made me a tougher player


I am not here just to run, I am here to win


I am not sure what is your running speed, but you can always improve


Give yourself the best chance by practicing more than anyone else


There were the times when everything was difficult but you know what I like challenges


If it would have been easy then everybody would have been an Olympic medalist


New Andre de Grasse Quotes


Someone can teach how to run, but no one is good enough to teach you how to run faster than others


Some have great stamina, some have great speed, in the end, those who have the perfect balance of both win in 


Just a good surface and a pair of shoes, that’s all I had to practice 


No, I have no complaints or regrets in life, I know I have got all I deserved. And when it comes to desire, there is no one whose all desires have been fulfilled


Always remember what you putting so much efforts


It was a nice track to run to I run more nicely


I want to run away from all the negativity of the world


Big competitions produce big champions


Nothing is more painful than losing a race to an inferior competitor due to your mistakes

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Famous Quotes by Andre De Grasse (Running)

Everyone can run, but only a few can do it for an hour


I’ve spent more time on track than my bedroom


Sprinting has given me all I dreamed of as a child


Take a shower of sweat (Andre de Grasse Spring Quote)


Medals are purchased by sweat and dedication


Only the best can survive here


If you have skills you will win. 

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Andre De Grasse Comments After Winning Bronze (Tokyo)

I am sure the whole of Ontario is going to celebrate 


Oh god please give me some words to express the great joy


Yes, I am happy with bronze. But yes next time I will be aiming for another color of medal


Fred and Jacobs really deserved that.  (Andre de Grasse Olympic Quote)


Standing here, seeing everyone cheering for me it feels like a dream


I am very motivated to put in even more effort. 


I was waiting for this moment


My entire journey was beautiful, I don’t see hard work and struggle as a bad thing. These two things have made me what I am today so I always thank full to them


I am happy that I won this, I would like to thank all those people who prayed for my success. I am happy to make my nation proud and happy.


This is the moments that every athlete dream for so I am happy that these moments have become reality for me. I know the value of each of these moments

Interesting Facts about Andre de Grasse:

  1. He completed the 100m sprint in 9.89s to win the Bronze Medal in Tokyo Olympics
  2. He has won a total of 4 Olympics medals. 100m Bronze(Tokyo), 200m Silver (Rio), 100m Bronze(Rio), 4x100m Relay Bronze(Rio)
  3. Andre is a Canadian Sprinter
  4. Earlier n his life he was interested in Baseball
  5. Marcell Jacobs was born in Toronto
  6. Grasse is 26 years old
  7. Currently, He is 5ft 10in in height and 70kg in weight
  8. Rana Reider is his current coach


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For Andre De Grasse by a Canadian Fan;

We have forgotten how to smile in the last two years due to this pandemic. Everyone in this world is struggling to get back to normal life. In between these difficult times, this Olympics has given some great entertainment to us. 

Me as a Canadian would like to thank you and all fellow athletes Thank for your great efforts and the entertainment which finally has given us some time to smile again. I am very happy that you won in the sprint. You are already a legend in Canada

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फेमस ओलंपिक्स कोट्स हिंदी में

तेरे इश्क़ में कितने निशार हुए क्या मालूम
कितनो के दिल यहां चाकज़ार हुए क्या मालूम
में तो तेरे हाथ में तलवार देखते ही मर गया था
फिर मुजपर कितने वार हुए क्या मालूम

कोई गिला कोई सिकवा नही करना मुजे
बस किसने तोड़ी वफ़ा की कसम न पूछ
में तुम्हे वक़्त के साथ भूल तो जाऊंगा
बस मुजे लगेंगे कितने जनम न पूछ

जो भी है पाक दिल की गहराई से आया है
आँसू है पानी है या है आबे जमजम न पूछ

हथेलीपर मेरा नाम लिखने की कभी तुम्हे आदत थी
रश्म-ए-महेंदी के वक़्त मेरा खयाल तो आया होगा

या इलाही अब सवार दे या मार दे
फर्क मेरे ज़िन्दगी और मौत में नही कोई

किसी रोज़ मौत से मुकाबला हो जाये
ज़िन्दगी तेरा मेरा इक बार मे फैसला जो जाए

तुम्हारे चहरेपर धूप को ठहरते देखा
आज चांदी को नए रंग में चमकते देखा
छतपर आयी हो गीली ज़ुल्फें लहराते हुए
ईमान सूरज का भी कुछ मचलते देखा

तेरे इश्क़ में जो ज़ख़्म खाये है मैने
क्या मालूम काल वो शायरी के करिश्मे निकले

दिल में अपने दर्द का अजूबा लिया फिरता हूँ
में उम्र से ज्यादा तो तज़ुर्बा लिया फिरता हूँ

तेरी जुदाई का गम भूलने लगा हूँ
अब पहले से कम लिखने लगा हूँ

वो जो आये है तो आने की कहानी होगी
नामाबार उनके दिल मे कुछ तो पशेमानी होगी

मेरे निसातो गम का वास्ता तेरी महफ़िल से निकला
मेरा दुश्मन भी तो आखिर तेरे ही दिल से निकला

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