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Best Basketball Captions For Instagram


It’s not just a game to me


Pick the ball & prove


I hate the weak rivals


Miss is miss


At least be a good loser, don’t give excuses


Today I lived for 48 minutes


Protect your ankles too


Basketball is my accent


Try until difficult becomes easy


Play hard, party hard

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Short Basketball Captions (Must Try)


Nothing is granted


Prove your metal


What has to be done has to be done


Emotion can’t be explained 


Even the tiger has to hustle 


Come on! prove them wrong


It’s a time for Five Vs Five 


Now It’s my time


Prepare like a warrior


Flirt with the challenges


Act, then speak 


Missing is better than not shooting

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Basketball Game Captions for Instagram


When the game is on tv can’t be off


It’s an NBA time


It’s an end of a game not of a life 


Stay strong, Stay simple


Let my ticket worthy of its price


If you are not enjoying, you are not playing


Let’s start the game of courage

Sports Quotes & Captions

Captions for Basketball Players


My shots speak better than my mouth


My hand has got a better tongue


You can’t replace a lion with a goat


If you not crazy you are not a basketball player


I love this rectangular more than my bedroom


You must practice well, I don’t like to beat weak opponents


There is no other option, Put more hours in


If you can’t give 100 % go back home


It’s not a place to make excuses


A confused player can’t confuse the opponent


The basketball court? It is home away from home


Inspirational Basketball Captions

You are not a loser until you accept it


Don’t give yourself an option to give up 


Try, try & try again that’s what the champions do


Win it for all those who said you can’t


 Keep trying there is no other way


No one is interested in your stories 


It’s easier to predict than to judge


People are interested in success not in the struggle


Champions have reasons to practice losers have excuses not to


Focus on your goal, everything else is temporary


Basketball Team Captions For Instagram

It’s not about you it’s about a team


You are good but not good enough to beat us


Together we can hunt even the lion

Basketball Team Caption For Instagram

Our team is like a punch of Mohammad Ali


Play for the team, you will be benefited


Basketball Captions for Boyfriend

Love me in a way I love the basketball


Why it can’t be me


You love it so I love it too


Shoot with all your courage


Kiss me when I am down


I need your time not trophies

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Basketball Captions for a Couple 


You and me, & this court 


We love each other but not more than basketball


Don’t shoot your ego


Even here I need you


Let’s play together


Basketball has given me everything in this world, except you 


You are my basketball


Cool Basketball Captions For Instagram Post


Demanding more 


Even the tiger has to hustle 


Take your chances


Play it hard


Create the chance then convert it.


A tough opponent means a good match


My shoe brand can’t tell you about my skills


There is no excuse for not trying


Miss is miss, margin doesn’t matter


To be healthy, to be happy I have to play basketball


I am too strong to play golf


Good shoes can give you comfort, not skills


Apart from this, there isn’t anything that makes sense to me


Basketball championship captions


On the court, it’s all about the implication of skill


After a loss, even a reason looks like an excuses


It’s a basketball time

True Basketball championship caption/quote

It’s usual for a team with more guts to walk away with more points


You can’t keep passing, you have to shoot sometimes


Victories, defeats, glory, whoopings, basketball is more like a life


Your team against mine means time for Best Five vs Five


Hard work & Practice Captions for Instagram


 My feet are hurting, you know where I was


There is no substitute for hard work


What has to be done has to be done no matter what


Not tired after the match! Great  you practiced well


They  were dreaming about the win, we were practicing for it


Talent can’t be spoken but can be expressed


performance is the reflection of practice


If you can still walk with comfort, go back and practice


Practice with the best so you can face the better one on a matchday


Basketball Quotes for Instagram bio


I am too good for you to ignore


Trust the skills more than a luck


I will prefer a headband not a crown


Calm down it’s just a beginning 


If you can’t beat yourself you can’t beat others

Basketball Quote for Instagram bio

Basketball is tough art so it has fewer artists.


First, dominate your nerves then the opponents


The time spent on the court is often the best time of life


My life is divided into two parts, with basketball, without basketball


Funny Basketball Captions for Instagram


My feet can dance well on the court but not in the club


We are the lions of this jungle, off but we are not slow


I feel more comfortable on the court than in my bedroom

Funny boy basketball caption for Instagram

Pout is more difficult than a shoot


I am so good so I can’t beat myself


I love it more than my ex


Great Basketball Captions for Instagram


Talent is not everything, at least not in basketball


Height is an important thing but not everything


Great players play for their teams not for their selves


Be a good son, good lover, and a great basketball player that’s all that I want


I still miss those days, the basketball days


No matter how good you can dribble stop it and shoot when the moment comes


We don’t cry we do a war cry


Take your chances before someone else grabs it


I love the madness


Dunk Basketball Captions 


I can dunk everything not the emotions


You were too high to dunk


Don’t dunk your future just for one


Dunking is an art


A good dunk, a good memory what else one can ask


Smart Basketball Sayings & Quotes for Instagram


You can’t hold the ball for while so does the time


You are missing all those shots which you are not taking


It’s not a chess game, you don’t have time to think


Learn to embrace the pain


This can be very cruel if you will not be hard on yourself in practice


There are no If and Buts in basketball


Basketball Love Quotes for IG


I love everything about this crazy game


My dream, My hope, My weakness everything is basketball


My blood group is NBA


Time freezes when I hold the ball 


This sport has given me all that I wanted once


My love for the game can’t be described 


Savage Basketball Captions for Instagram

You are my opponent, not my rival but don’t expect the mercy


You have messed up with the wrong one


Don’t say you don’t like it, admit that you are not strong enough to play


Be strong, be tough, before mashing up with us


Hit them, beat them I don’t care


Win is win 


Shut your mouth and run


They play to impress others we play to express ourselves


There few things which can’t be explained to idiots basketball is one of them


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