Cool Websites to Kill Boredom


Cool Websites to Kill Boredom

With so much going on in our lives, we hardly have time to catch a breath. To deal with the craziness and fast pace of life and work, sometimes we need a good distraction to take the edge off.

Use them when you need a break from your usual monotonous routine or just want to procrastinate on something tedious. From hilarious cat videos to mind-numbing games, these sites are your new best friends when you need a breather from the daily grind.


The site is known as the internet’s No. 1 source for everything and anything under the sun, be it news, entertainment, gifs, memes, comics, and more. Reddit is an awesome website where you can find just about anything.

The site has loads of different “subreddits” that cater to a variety of topics, including funny, gaming, music, books, science, technology, movies, and tons more. The best thing about Reddit is that it’s incredibly easy to use and navigate. Once you’ve created a user account and logged in, you can “upvote” or “downvote” any post or comment to show your approval or disapproval.

These votes will determine the position of posts and comments on the site and their visibility to other users. Be sure to check out the “random” subreddit, where you can expect to see posts and links that range from silly and weird to serious and thoughtful.

Funny or Die

Funny Or Die is a fantastic video website that features funny videos, animations, and sketches uploaded by well-known, upcoming artists and celebrities. Funny Or Die boasts a vast video library that includes sketches, stand-up comedy, and video sketches.

The website also comes with a “Funny Or Die” section for its users to upload videos. It’s a great way to kill time with your co-workers, friends, or family. You can also expect to find interesting facts or stats about your favorite celebrities and artists. The website is available in different languages and is easy to navigate and use.


If you love video games and want to kill time with some fun, free online games, then you should check out GiantBomb. The website hosts tons of free online video games that you can play on your computer, tablet, phone, or any other device that can connect to the internet.

You can expect to find a collection of games, including battle royale games, adventure games, shooting games, puzzle games, retro games, and tons more. All these are playable online and can be played in your browser without having to download anything.

The games are suitable for kids and adults and are great for passing the time. Some of the games come with detailed instructions and in-game guides that allow you to jump in and start playing in just a few clicks.

Music and Art Websites

These websites are great when you want to relax and calm down after a long and hectic day or procrastinate on something tedious. Some of them also come with built-in music players so you can listen to your favorite tunes.


Musically is a great website for relaxation, boredom-killing, and procrastination. It comes with a built-in music player and allows you to listen to your favorite music or internet radio. You can also visit the website regularly to check out the latest trending musical posts created by users from all over the world.


Pixnet is another website that allows you to relax and calm down after a tiring day by browsing its huge library of art and photography. The website boasts a wide variety of digital art, including photography, drawings, paintings, and digital collages.


deviantArt is an art website that features artwork and creative ideas by artists from all over the globe. You can use the website to explore and discover new art or create your masterpiece. The website is easy to navigate and comes with a simple layout that makes it easy for both new and experienced artists to get started.


WordPress is a popular blogging website that allows you to write articles, travel journals, or create your blog or website. You can use the website to express your creative side, share your thoughts and ideas with the world, or even make some extra money.


Flipnote is a cool website that allows you to create and share your animations and artwork. You can use the website to come up with your own funny and crazy animations or artwork.


9gag is a funny website full of silly, weird, crazy articles, videos, comics, and images. The website regularly publishes content that will make you laugh your heart out.

Cartoon Network Site

If you want to relive your childhood or just want to spend some time with your kids, you should visit the Cartoon Network website. It’s a great place to find all your favorite cartoons, ranging from the ‘90s to the latest shows. You can expect to find a multitude of different shows, including Ben 10, Johnny Bravo, The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, and many others.

The best thing about this website is that it’s free to use and open to all ages, so you can visit the site even if you are an adult. Apart from watching funny bits from the shows, you can also play some fun games, including puzzles, trivia, and minigames. The website also comes with a section where you can post photos and images of your favorite characters.

Improve Typing Skills is a site that offers free typing tutors to people who want to progress their typing speed and accuracy. It currently has over 2 million users and five different typing speed tests that can be used to track your progress. The tutoring is provided by professional typists certified through’s partner schools who have worked with hundreds of thousands of students over the years.

Many people enjoy typing because it’s a great way to build hand strength. Pressing keys on a keyboard requires you to use different muscles, including your hands, forearms, and wrists.


There are ways that you can cope with boredom and procrastination. One of the most effective ways is to spend time on the internet. A good example can be playing games in an Online Casino, especially when you haven’t tried it before and just got an email with some free spins attached.


Browsing through websites that have nothing to do with your normal interests will give you something to focus on besides your thoughts. It can be an excellent way to pass some time when you feel like taking a solid break from the workhorse called life.


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