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99+ First Day of School Captions & Quotes | Back To School Captions (2021)

First Day of School Captions: The first day of school after a long summer vacation is very special for not only students but also for their parents and teachers too. The feeling of going back to school is really a good mix of many emotions. (First Day of School Quotes)

We do understand these feelings and the importance of the first day of school so we have collected more than 100 Captions for the First Day of School for parents, teachers, and students. You can use this back to school captions for Instagram posts and make it memorable. Back to school captions. ExamLabs

So here you go, 

First Day of School Captions For Seniors

  • Ignore me if you are stupid
  • R.I.P Good times
  • Time to remember what day it is
  • So this is the place
  • Monday matters now 
  • Back to hustle
  • Love me a little more today, tomorrow I’ll not be little anymore
  • Bell is a savior
  • Survived the maths class
  • Survived the first day
  • Optimistic about the new beginning
  • End of summer, the start of suffering
  • I just hate to study but love the school
  • I missed this and now I regret I am back
  • New journey
  • New challenges, new opportunities
  • Back to hell
  • New me
  • Let the story began
  • At another home’
  • Back to buddies
  • Let’s see how it goes

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First Day of School Instagram Captions Juniors

  • If you want to run, then first learn to walk
  • Mondays will bother me again
  • Fairy tell has been started   (First day of school quotes)
  • The last day of school is just a matter of a small count down 
  • Small steps, long path
  • Somewhere in the school
  • New teachers with the old thinking

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Back to School Captions 

  • Let me sleep on the bench
  • Stupid equations make me sleep
  • You will find me sleeping in the class
  • School supplies? Ya It makes the first day some exciting
  • Want to run back to home
  • Saved by the bell
  • Somehow it ended  (first day of school captions)
  • Life status: Currently holding it all together with one bobby pin.
  • Why I am complaining about everything
  • Let’s speak a bit loud


Back to School Instagram Captions 2021

  • Let the kid decide what he wants
  • I will miss my kids
  • My son, Announce yourself with a confidence 
  • Let them know who you are
  • Why worry, I know I am the best here
  • I am not here to impress anyone but to express
  • Me being me again
  • That’s what I am 
  • The zone of comfort is broken
  • Yes I am going to sleep that’s what I do every year
  • Few things have changed few haven’t and it’s normal
  • For a good future, some tough days are mandatory

First day of school captions


Funny First Day of School Captions 2021

  • Countdown of a last first begins here
  • First-day first impression 
  • Last to reach on the first day
  • Stay calm, you will get used to this.
  • Time to build a new gang
  • Join the clubs 
  • For Napping? I deserve A 
  • Don’t ask about last year’s grades
  • The first day of school means tired me
  • There is no more a comfort zone

Awesome Quotes Captions on Various Topics

First Day of School Quotes 

  • Now I will wait for Sundays
  • The madness starts from here
  • Time to present your amazingness 
  • Mad Mondays, crazy Sundays
  • These supplies are worth the day (First day of school quotes)
  • Uniform is the only unchanged thing
  • Why the science teacher is still the same 
  • Embrace the change (back to school captions)
  • Bring some good friends with you
  • Old crush, new feelings 
  • School Time FfUuNn Time
  • So when is the next picnic? 
  • I am the new boss here
  • Why do they always complain about me
  • Let’s have some fun

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First Day of School Captions for Parents

  • Hey kid make me proud
  • We are always here for you
  • Stay focused, stay healthy
  • Learn what has to be learned 
  • Hope you will shine like a star
  • There will be tough days but giving us is not in your blood
  • Fight for your values and ethics, not for your ego
  • Summer breaks is a thing of the past now
  • Keep this beautiful smile my angel
  • Now it’s your time to prove yourself

back to school captions


Back to School Captions for Parents

  • Rock the school 
  • Stay blessed stay amazing
  • Don’t cry, count down of vacation begins from today
  • Letting you go away hurts but it is good for your future
  • For your future, let me say goodbye


First Day of School Captions for Teachers

  • So it’s time for new stars
  • Lots of new faces 
  • So after a long time back to work
  • Start of vacation for parents and the exact opposite for me
  • New journey begins
  • Tired of saying, let’s start with an introduction
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, it is a symbol of curious brain not of stupidity
  • We can teach you many things but not everything
  • There is a no bigger teacher than time, but the problem is, time doesn’t care much about its students
  • To Achieve what dream, you have to learn that has to be learnt
  • Every student is important, and every important thing has to be taken care of
  • Everyone is important but I am more important for me
  • At least let me say I am the best here
  • Every genius once called the idiot


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First day of school quotes and captions




First day of school captions in hindi

स्कुल का पहला दिन है कैप्शन और शायरी

मेरी शिकास्तो का आलम भी क्या खूब रहा
जीतनेवालो को खुशी से ज्यादा ताज्जुब रहा
घर में तो ख़ैर मेरे लिए भी ज्यादा जगह न थी
पर मेरे दिल में एक से बढ़कर एक मेहबूब रहा

माना की आप के रहन सहन के तरीके नवाबी है
पर हम खराबो से भी मिलते रहो तो क्या खराबी है

अब तुम्हे सुनाना नही होता तो कुछ भी कैसा भी लिख देते है
पहेले तो वरना हर एक शेर में जान निचोड़ी जाती थी

दिल अब देखता ही कौन है यार
मुनासिफ होगा की आदते सुधार लो

हमको शायद पे ऐतबार क्यों आये
वो जो आते नही इस बार क्यों आये
जब सारा गुलशन ही वीरान पड़ा है
फिर मेरे घर मे घर बाहर क्यों आये

हम में जूठे अदबो आदाब कम है
दिल से हम मगर खराब कम है

नशे में हो तो चुप चुप रहो कि राज दिल के
अगर खुल जाए तो अच्छा नही होता

तर्के ताल्लुक का इरादा है पर बताती भी नही
अजीब लड़की है ठीक से सताती भी नही

कुछ यूह हम तुझको देखा किये सनम
पहेले पहेल जैसे बच्चा कोई तितली को देखे

मुजे इस बात का गिला भी कम नही
मेरे हिस्से में अब तेरे इश्क़ का गम नही

मेरे होंठो का रंग बोलता है
कब से कितनी पिता हु में

तू देगा किन किन अदाओ से फरेब बता
मुजे अपने अंदाज़े सितम हर एक बता


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