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Top-50 Fred Kerley Quotes That Will Set You On Fire to Work Hard (2021)

Fred Kerley Quotes: Fred Kerley has recently won a silver medal in 100m sprint in Tokyo Olympics. Fred Kerley just missed the gold by a narrow margin of 0.04s as he finished the 100m sprint in 9.84s. Fred Kerley is a legendary name in the world of Track & Field.

He is some of the most inspiring Fred Kerley Quotes and at the bottom section, you will also find his reactions, comments, and thoughts after winning the Silver Medal in Tokyo Olympics. 

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Inspirational Fred Kerley Quotes

Winning is more important than beating someone


Try your best and then let the time play its part


My wait is over. Now I can show the world who I am


Practice well, eat well, sleep well this is my motto


I have seen the tough days, and I know what is the value of these moments


Run as fast as you can, as far as you can, and when you start feeling, I am done, then go for an extra round as fast as you can


Your efforts in a training well reflect in your performance


The next race is the most important race for me


Run like a child runs for a chocolate


It could have been better but even this is not bad 


latest Fred Kerley Quotes


Pray to god to get more dedication and strength not for


I am confident because I am well prepared


Win is win, loss is loss. There is no space for other discussions


I like to prepare myself better.


Not giving your best is a crime when you are representing your county


I always want to win but I know that no one can do it. 


Winning the gold is my next target


Let your medals speak on behalf you


I like crazy people. Those who think too much are often boring


Running is the sport which don’t demand many equipment but surely asks for lots of decipine and hardwork


Consistancy is very important. if you want keep winning then you have to keep practicing and keep learning


Great dreams are meant to be achieved in a great fashion


You have to sharpen your skills everyday because that’s what others might be doing


Create your own small target and achieve it. This process will surely give you the confidence required for the greater achievements. 


Big events require big heart


I may not be the first one to start but I might be first one to finish


Go for the glory if you are well prepared or go home.


There is no room for laziness in track and field and may be in any sport


We are competing with each other but it doesn’t mean we have bitterness for each other.


Try to go for everything so at the end you will have at least something


There is not anything called short cut out there on the track of life


I am investing my time for the better time, and this is a weird thing. I am investing a same thing just for the better version of that thing


Things are less predictable, that’s why is is not boring


I can guarantee you my best efforts but not the best result because there also other guys who trying and working nothing less than me for this glory


No one will stand by your side in your struggle but when you finally achieve something everyone will be there to have their part of fun with you


I am ok with critics then, because they know how to write but not how to run

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Fred Kerley Quotes After Olympics


Fred Kerley Quotes & comment After Winning Silver Medal In Tokyo 

Silver isn’t a bad color at all.


I am going to celebrate for what I achieved rather than crying for what I can’t


Yes, preparation for the next one begins from today


Overall, I am very happy with my performance


There isn’t anything bigger than the Olympics and doing well in it is really all that you ask for


Either it’s 400m or 100m, Giving my best has always been my priority

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I am not sure this is a dream or a reality


Winning in 100m is really special.


Fred Kerley Olympics Quotes on Running


Yes, gold was possible but let it be


There will be another day, there will be another chance


First of all, I would like to congratulate Marcell Jacobs for his gold.


I am happy that my county is happy with my success


These are some of the best moments of my life


I did my best and I am happy


I am happy that this medal chose my neck to get some rest.


Interesting Facts about Fred Kerley:

  1. He completed the 100m sprint in 9.84s to win the Silver Medal in Tokyo Olympics
  2. He is mainly known for his 400m performances.
  3. Andre is an American Sprinter
  4. he was born in Taylor Texas
  5. Fred is 26 years old
  6. Texas Aggies was his college team
  7. Currently, He is 6ft 3in in height and 93kg in weight
  8.  His younger brother Mylik Kerley is also a good track and field player


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Motivational Hindi Quotes and Shayari For Sportsman 

मेरी दुआए क्यों कुबूल न हुई जान जाओगी
सजदे में ज़ूको दिल में शिकायत एक और हो
वो बहाने थे या मजबूरिया जान सकोगी जब
मशरूफ रहो , मिलने की चाहत एक और हो

तेरी ज़ुल्फो का चहरेपर आना और फिर तेरा उन्हें सवारना
में किसी ज़माने में इसे सबब-ए-शाम-ओ-सहर समज़ा था

ला इलाज है दर्द इसकी न कोई दवा किजये
बस दिल की तसल्ली के लिए ख़ुदा ख़ुदा किजये

वो जिसकी आवारगियों के किस्से सरे आम है
सुना है उसने भी कभी किसीसे मोहब्बत की थी

मुज बिगड़नेवाले को भी बस बहाना चाहिये था
कोई पूछे वजह तो कहने को फसाना चाहिये था
वो शहर तो बेवफाओ का शहर था मगर ‘माही’
तुज़े तो सोच-समजकर दिल लगाना चाहिये था

कमरे में घडी की सुई भी शोर करती है
खामोशी जो चाहिये तो किसी वीराने में चल

हम तेरी बस्ती में आये और तुजे सदाये भी न दे
ख़ुदा किसी चाहनेवाले को ऐसी सजाए भी न दे

खेल कूद  के मैदान बहुत देखे है

हमने तुझ जैसे सैतान बहुत देखे है

आ जाना किसी दिन गली में दौड़ लगाएंगे

आ जाना किसी मोहल्लो में धूममचाएंगे

आए जाना किसी सवव में फिर से बुँदे पकड़ने का मैडल दिलाएंगे

आ जाना एक डिम हम मिलकर जीत जायेंगे

हम फिर खुशियों के गीत जाएंगे

ज़ूम उठेगा देश सारा सब खुशिया मनाएंगे

फिर वो बचपन के दिन आएंगे

न जाने कब वो दिन आएंगे

मुश्किल दिनों पर भी कुछ तो उम्मीद हमारी है

यह दिन पलट जायेंगे

ऐतबार है हमको

मुझक्का मालूम है गरीबी में बसर हो रही है ज़िंदगी मेरी, इस कदर है हाल बुरा की सोचता हु दो बार एक रूपया खर्च करने से पहले भी मगर एक खबर यह भी रखता हु की यह दिन पलट जायेंगे हम जीत जायेंगे

ओलंपिक्स के खेलो में धूम मचान थी

वो जीत के आया यानि सफल जवानी थी

नाम  देश का ऊँचा किया टोक्यो की कहानी

वो जीत के आया क्या कुर्बानी थी वाह क्या कहानी थी

इस कदर मशहूर थे अफ़साने उसके बचे बचे की जुबान पर उसी की कहानी थी

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