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George Russell quotes F1: Here we have collected some of the most epic quotes and funny George Russell Quotes from the f1 2021 season. For you, we also have some amazing F1 Captions for Instagram and some Great British GP Captions

For George Russell and Williams things are going really well. Currently,  Russell is full of confidence and that’s what also reflecting is his driving

After all outperforming a teammate consistently is not easy, It requires a tremendous amount of skills and dedication towards the racing.

So here let’s enjoy some of the best George Russell from the 2021 season and also we have some latest quotes about the 2021 British Grand Prix

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Best George Russell quotes (2021):

  • I am not here to keep driving but to race
  • Maclaren is not just a team for me, It’s a family away from home
  • Yes, I want to be a world champion. And I will maybe not immediately, but I will
  • They are just a few inches ahead
  • I love the tricky circuits
  • Maclaren is not just a team for me, It’s a family away from home
  • We are happy to compete with Ferrari
  • Very happy to see fans back on Silverstone
  • (Latest George Russell quotes)
  • I was missing these cheers
  • Each and every corner has to be mastered before a Friday
  • Me and Daniel we both enjoy each other’s company
  • You can keep improving, you can’t be perfect
  • With every race, I am becoming better
  • I am a fighter
  • Driving at Silverstone in an F1 car was my childhood dream
  • 2021 is an extremely competitive season
  • No one knows what is going to happen on Sunday
  • (Motivating George Russell quotes)
  • I can beat the Lando of 2020 today, in 2022 I will be good enough to beat Lando of 2021
  • I am a typical British boy with big dreams
  • It’s not only me who is doing better, it’s the whole Maclaren f1 crew.
  • I hate to lose so does Riccardo
  • It’s a big calendar, but I don’t mind
  • Halo is good. Anything that can save a life is good
  • Safety is important
  • F1 is a complicated craft 
  • Driving fast is the only way.
  • Sometimes you do better than you expected
  • I want to improve in many areas and I am working on it.
  • I like to race with my own mind
  • Rains make things exciting.

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George Russell F1 Sayings:

  • Everything is ok, at least let me say this
  • I don’t think I am too funny
  • (New Lando Norris funny quotes)
  • Currently, the car is quicker than me
  • We are trying very hard, but the thing is that’s what others are trying too


F1 Captions for Instagram:

  • It’s F1 time
  • Pole the Goal
  • Burn the tires
  • British GP Captions
  • Lights Out
  • Feel the speed
  • Let the great circus begin 
  • Speed Lover
  • On Track 


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  1. George Russell is a 22 years old British driver currently driving for the formula one team Williams 
  2. George Russell is known for his blistering speed and good car control.
  3. George Russell is also called Mr. Saturday due to his brilliant performances in qualifying sessions where he consistently outperforms his cars and his teammate
  4. George Russell is seen as a future world champion.
  5. He is going to drive for Mercedes in the future.
  6. Let’s wish him good luck in his career
  7. If want to know more about Russel then check this
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What is the best quote by George Russel?

I am not here to keep driving but to race

What George Russel might be thinking about Mercedes?

My dream is just a night away but night is far away

What is George Russel Salary?

As per reports, he is earning the sum of $958,000

What is George Russel Height?

George Russel’s height is 1.85m.

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