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Senior Women Golf Quotes (2021) | Ladies Golf Captions For Instagram

U.S. Senior Women’s Open has been started. You might be in looking for some great senior women’s golf quotes & captions. Here are some of the most amazing golf quotes for Senior Women open 2021 which are very relatable for every golf-playing woman or a fan. JoAnne Carner quotes are also available

Olympics golf quotes are also included so that you can use them at the time of Olympics golf games

These quotes and sayings are full of inspiration and many of these also reflect the struggle which a golfer has to face especially lady golfers.

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Inspirational Senior Women Golf Quotes

I am here to enjoy not to impress anyone 

golf quote for women

I was just like any other girl but my favorite toy was a golf club

golf quotes for ladies

My mother’s smile & my father’s good wishes and people’s questions, that’s all that I had when I first entered a golf course.

Bold golf quote for ladies

In clubs they swing their ***** here I swing the club


I want to be the greatest version of mine

isnpirational golf quote

Don’t tell me how good you are, pick the club and show

quotes for golfers

Let your stance reflect your confidence that’s the only advice my mom has given to me


Trust yourself because no one else is going to.

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Life is nothing but a big golf course, with lots of bunkers

famous golf quote

You know what I am too classy to play soccer or basketball 

Best Golf Instagram Captions For Women

great golfer quote

No, I am not here to be a Sunday golfer

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Playing golf is not my desire, it’s a need

Golf quote for ladies

Famous Senior Ladies Golf Quote & Phrases

The softness of my palm can’t tell you how well I can swing


Miss is miss, who cares about the margin

famous golf quote

Every putt brings me closer to my dreams

famous female golf quote on making friends

JoAnne Carner quotes & sayings

I’ve more friends on the golf course than in a club

famous female golf quote

I still remember those days when my dad and mom were the only fans of mine


Don’t tell me how hard it is, show me how will you do it

U.S. Senior women’s golf quote (2021)

I love golf more than my bf, and he understands this.


Never argue with anyone about what you should do and what not.


There is no need to put the club down just because you miss-timed one swing


I will prefer to play golf with my bestie than going to a club


There will be another shot, there will be another miss after all that’s what the game is


Golf is not about doing something, it’s about doing it quicker than others


Stay strong, stay focused, because there is no couse called easy


Set the ball on the tee, swing the club nicely, and chill


Putting the ball in a bunker is ok but not the hope


Lady golfer is the perfect blend of class and beauty


Dreams can be chased, if you are ready to run behind like a crazy child

Motivating Golf Sayings For Old Ladies

I am thankful to those who once said you can’t do it

Keep yourself motivated enough to ignore the opinions of others


A beautiful girl with a club, that’s all they see.


Golfer’s life is not  and especially of lady golfers 


Don’t try to teach what I already know.


I can swing harder than any of your stupid crushes


A person capable of the eagle will never be worried about bogey 


There is nothing classier than the girl holding a club


Going out and playing golf, yes that’s all I want


I have to trust myself more than anyone


I don’t need fake words of encouragement. 

Golf Quotes For Ladies

Yes my grip is not as strong as yours, my swing is not as powerful as yours but I can still match your skills on the golf course


My father used to tell me, princess, you are gonna be the queen of this course


There were many to tell not to play but my soul was a rebel

Funny Women’s Golf Instagram Captions

I can drive even with baby in my womb, I mean a car


Being a successful lady golfer is much more difficult


No, it is not in a cup, but it is not far away from it too


The golf club is still my favorite toy


Yes I am a winner today because when they were swinging their asses in the club I was swinging the club


Weekend means golf time and it’s never gonna change

Famous Golf Saying For Woman

You are my first love after golf


Let’s go out, and play the game which means life to me


Either you are first or last on point table, you have to keep trying 


Don’t be too sad, one lost game can’t make you a loser


First, mind your brain than the swing


You will never win if you will not believe you can win

New Golf Quotes For Ladies Golfers

Hold my hands and walk quietly. I need this, it was a tough defeat


I can celebrate my defeats too


Giving your best is the only thing which you should focus on


Practice will make you a master of your craft. 

Golf Quotes For Ladies

Don’t be too nice to everyone, golf course is a diplomatic place


With the time I have to understand, golf is no different from life


A pink golf ball, that’s all that I want


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जीवन में उपयोगी अच्छे विचार

पूछे जो ज़ाहिद क्या जानते हो जन्नत के बारे में
तो जन्नत के पते में सबिस्ताँ-ऐ-जाना लगाते है

सारे वादे मोहब्बत में हमने भी निभाये नही
हम भी नेताओ की तरह बस नारा लगाते है
महीना खत्म होते होते यह हाल हो जाता है
की सिगरेट एक रहती है कश ज्यादा लगते है
उसकी याद आये तो इतना फर्क पड़ता है बस
सिगरेट एक ही रहती है कश ज्यादा लगाते है

बाहर से तो आवारा हो गए अब भी मगर
दिल के सबिस्ताँ मे तस्वीरे जाना लगाते है

हर छोरे की आंखों में एक तेरा ही खवाब है
हरा भर बदन तेरा जैसे चलता फिरता पंजाब है
शरारत वरारत तो आम हसीनाओ की आंखों मे होती है
तेरी आंखों मे तो उबलता हुआ तेजाब है
एक दो अदाएं हो तो इतनी तारीफ कौन करे
अरे तू तो पुरी हुस्न के जलवो की किताब है

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