Guide To Buying Remote Control Cars and Trucks

Whether you have a monster truck or a buggy, remote-control vehicles can deliver many hours of fun. From being a childhood pastime to being a hobby, the popularity of remote-controlled cars has come a long way.

The remote control cars are divided into several categories based on size, type, kits, etc. So, for beginners, it is essential to have a general idea. For the newbies, buying one can be challenging. But with suitable guidance, you can find the best one. For instance, you need to choose between 2WD or 4WD.

Top RC Cars and Trucks

Ready-to-Run Kits

An RTR kit includes a factory-built vehicle ready to run as soon as it comes out of the box. It will come with a motor, engine, and radio system prepared for action.  Some even include the batteries and charger. These are ideal for beginners who are more interested in racing than building the whole thing. The stunt trucks, buggies, and crawlers include some of the RTR kits. They offer a speed of 60+ miles per hour and depict outrageous actions.


The next category is the Bind-N-Drive category, and it includes everything in it with the exception of the radio transmitter and sometimes batteries are not included, too.  

A user must put in the batteries, bind the receiver to the transmitter, and start. The machine has improved drive line angles with heavy-duty brakes.  The upgraded shock bodies offer excellent shock performance. It is a money-saving technique and lets one add another vehicle to add to the collection without paying extra.

Car Kits

The kits for remote control cars and trucks are generally good options for those who have sufficient experience when it comes to using RC cars. These kits are also ideal for someone who wants to learn the working of mechanical devices.

Purchasing a kit can help check two boxes off. The first is to build their machine, and the second is to drive the same. One can design the device their way and use the extra parts for additional customization and performance. This way, one can keep up with the condition and performance of the vehicle. It also helps in learning how to upgrade the elements.


The simplicity of the RC buggies, along with their power, has set high standards. It can take any terrain from the park, dirt track, or backyard. A buggy will never disappoint, whether a friendly competition or a fun-filled run. The features of a power-packed one include rear adjustable hubs, steering rack, wing mount, optimized shocks, etc. It has all the necessary parts to build a nitro or electric vehicle.

Tips for beginners

A few things beginners need to consider. The first being is purchasing an RTR kit. It will ensure a hassle-free start since everything comes pre-assembled.
It is essential to consider the terrain the vehicle will likely run on. In the case of rough terrain, one should use off-road vehicles and on-road for smooth surfaces.
You will need time to get into the groove. Getting a strong and durable product is advised for a better experience. It means one can expect a lot of bumps and accidents without worrying about breaking.
The popular size of RC cars is 1:10, which means one can quickly get spare parts.
The electric-powered vehicles are easy-to-clean and straightforward. They have low-maintenance costs and are pretty simple to handle compared to the others.


Buying a remote-controlled vehicle is not a simple job at all. There are a variety of things that need to be paid attention to. Beginners are advised to keep it simple and light. There will be ample time in the future to upgrade and get engaged with high-maintenance models. So, research well and get the best RC vehicle.

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