How to Become an NFT Artist for Beginners

How to Become an NFT Artist for Beginners

The non-fungible token (NFT) is, perhaps, the most intriguing development of the past several years. NFTs refer to blockchain recorded digital tokens that keep sophisticated records. 

In 2021, NFTs were valued at $15.7 billion. They can be used in any number of ways, and the industry is just getting started. NFT art is a unique way to use this technology. If you have artistic inclinations, it’s a field worth looking into.  

Here’s how you can become an NFT artist.  

What Is an NFT Artist?

An NFT artist is someone who creates digital art that people buy and trade using NFTs. This can apply to different types of art, from sculpture to 3D modeling to comic books. 

It’s a new career opportunity and lifestyle that didn’t exist even a few short years ago. By using this blockchain technology, you’re able to monetize your art in ways that artists from other eras couldn’t have imagined.  

Understand the Benefits of NFT Art

Before becoming an NFT artist, you should understand the advantages of this hobby. NFTs are something that many people are still trying to wrap their minds around. 

Here are some advantages:

The Technology Makes it More Secure

Blockchain is one of the most sophisticated forms of record keeping that we have right now. It allows for unmistakable proof of authenticity, which has opened up the collector’s market in a lot of arenas. In addition to art, NFTs have allowed people to collect sports memorabilia, comic books, and rare music. 

Because the record keeping technology is so precise, buyers and traders will know that they have a 1:1 without worrying about scams and counterfeit. 

Artists Can Earn Money

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that NFTs open up a market for artists to earn money. We may have to put aside the phrase “starving artist” for a generation or two, because NFTs are creating new opportunities for artists. 

Rather than having to toil away at your craft hoping you get noticed, you can create digital showcases for your art that even the playing field. Artists today are able to use these NFTs to go full-tilt into their craft. People have been able to quit their day jobs and do what they truly love for a living. That, alone, makes NFTs a major advancement worth looking into. 

It Opens Up a New Collectors Market

NFTs create a new economy of art collectors that didn’t previously exist. It mixes art with technology and brings in new fans who have never attended a gallery or purchased a piece of art. 

Since it’s digital, you also aren’t limited to people within your physical reach or geographical area. This collector’s market is great for art of all types, and bodes well for the industry.  

Study Other NFT Artists

Before you set out to become an NFT artist, take the time to study people who have done it. This lets you know what’s possible, which can build enthusiasm for your pursuit. It also teaches you some practical steps that you can follow as you chart your own path. 

Study different artists to see how they have used NFTs to monetize their art. Look into the current top artist at to find out more about their prior work. You will begin to notice trends and clues that can help you out.  

Research the Different Types of NFT Art

A digital landscape changes everything we thought we knew about art. It opens the door for genres and types of art that you probably didn’t learn about in school. 

You can use NFTs for any type of art you can dream of, such as:

  • Poetry
  • Live performances
  • Music
  • Standup comedy
  • Paintings
  • Coding art
  • Digital renders
  • Animation
  • Literature

The sky is the limit, so figure out what kind of art you create and how you can use NFTs to bridge the gap.  

Practice Your Craft

While NFTs are new technology taking the world by storm, make no mistake – your talent and hard work are the most critical assets. Think of NFTs as a tool to help you, rather than the source of your newfound potential. 

You’ll need to practice your craft regularly just like you would if digital technology didn’t exist. Learn what you do best and keep working at your craft until you develop mastery. Put in the hours of work while no one is looking and you will be better equipped to create some art that people will love and appreciate. 

Keep Up With the Industry

Make sure that you also learn as much as you can about NFTs and how art is playing a role. Blockchain technology is an ever-changing industry that you will need to keep up with if you’re hoping to capitalize. 

Study the trends and keep your finger on the pulse so that you understand your buyer. Learn the market and find what blockchain markets are shaping it. Join some artist collectives and organizations as well so that you’re constantly exchanging notes with other creatives who are trying to do this for a living. 

The Art of NFT Art

NFT art is the wave of the future. You can help build this future with the right skills and a willingness to keep learning. If you’re ready to take this idea from a dream to a reality, keep seeking the information that can help you out. 

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