How to get the perfect party look with the right jewellery

How to get the perfect party look with the right jewellery

Party season will bring loads of fun and jazz and with that comes the strain to look distinct from the crowd. You can add a style statement with the appropriate jewellery. Accessorizing to complement your attire may sound easy, but it is the most difficult part. Before you begin dressing up, you need to dwell on what particular item you wish to wear for the party. Why not experiment with shapes, lengths, colours and textures to create appealing layers? Stacking and layering is quite easy; you just need to collect an assortment of pendants and necklaces of various textures, lengths and designs and test them in various combinations to observe which one works best. 

Cocktail rings

Since a very ling time, they have been in fashion. It is one amongst those fabulous and dainty ornaments that you can wear. You can add colours by opting for colourful rings. You can team them up with ethnic and western looks. 

Studded earrings

Earrings are a part of a woman’s wardrobe. Studded earrings are the most favourite variety. A fashionable pair of oversized studs can turn your boring outfit into a chic look. They can be fused with diamonds to add a fantastic charm to your overall look.

Go for colour gemstones

You can try and mix in vibrant coloured gemstones with your wardrobe. Pick colours like white, black, and grey as they help bring a stylish look. You can choose elegant gemstones or pearls such as sapphires or rubies from an online jewellery store that can help pass on a chic look with their beautiful designs. 

Stylish pearls

Pearls do not go out of fashion. You can wear it as a dangling earring or a stud, as this style will never disappear. Go for long dangling style earrings for parties, social events or weddings as they help create a style statement to rock your stunning look.

Underscore the neck

A choker with coloured stones or diamonds or some other simplistic necklace designs works well for party looks. You need to remember that classic is always best. A string of princess or marquise diamonds will look stunning, as well, without you having to make any additional effort. 

Wear rings with elegance

You can stack rings to help add versatility to your attire as you can always mix and match them as you like to craft a faintly different look every day. You can choose to sport just one or two stacking rings for a minimalist look as well. You can try pairing it up with a matching set of rings for party wear or opt for a mixture of gemstones, textures or colours. If you intend to wear multiple rings, then you need to ensure that you do not sport more than one particular cocktail ring in one hand. 

Chandelier earrings

You can make a statement with chandelier earrings. Irrespective of the jewellery design or gemstone, Chandelier earrings will perfectly accessorize any type of attire, be it a dress or suit. It will give you a fashionable, yet unique look.

Trendy tassel earrings

Multi-layer earrings will add the proper amount of spectacle to your attire and will draw the attention of nearly everybody in the crowd. 

Statement necklace

You can make the party memorable and extraordinary by adding shine and sparkle to your attire with layered statement necklaces of varying lengths that will shine in the candlelight or lamp. 

Clean your jewellery

Most people neglect cleaning the jewellery. You need to understand that it does actually make a difference to the way your jewels look over a certain period of time. When you take a look at the jewels that you often wear or the ones that you haven’t probably worn for a while, you will notice that it has become dull, grimy, and is now far from their shining best. You would never ignore cleaning your outfit and so you shouldn’t ignore cleaning your jewels as well. 

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