How to Sell Your Bike Online in India? A Practical Guide only for You

How to Sell Your Bike Online in India? A Practical Guide only for You

Can I sell my bike online? Is it safe to sell old bikes on the platform? All your queries will end today, as this article will indeed convince you on why you should sell your old motorcycle online. The capital city India has its charm and aura, and it is a crowded place where the use of two-wheelers is relatively high. If you want to sell your used old bike, you can do it without much trouble. You are required to unlock the value of your current motorcycle so that you can find a bike for your next adventurous ride. Numerous ways will help to figure out how to sell your old bike. An idea to sell bikes online in India needs more clarity to get a reasonable price and enjoy effortless service. 

Be realistic with the worth of your bike.

Often we tend to set an unrealistic price on our old bikes. Frankly, there is no point in looking for Rs.50,000+ for a motorcycle that is decades old. Certain things like mileage covered and other pointers are actually behind the setting of a bike price. If you have recently replaced the grips and chains of the bikes; keep in mind that this doesn’t change the reality of the bike being sold. The important thing is the make, model and variant based on which the bike price is detected. It would be great to maintain your bike and share the servicing records. You can choose to share the bike’s recent servicing papers. Never set a bar for your bike price. Always keep a range of amounts open to fit into the selling price for your bike. This makes the process of selling your motorcycle online easy and convenient.

Can I Sell your old bike to online platforms?

You can Sell your bike online in India to a genuine platform without any second thought. The reason for saying this is that the online platforms are genuine and effortless. You need to submit the bike-related details like the model, year of manufacture and variant. The modern bike online platforms offer a reasonable price based on the MMV of the bike. You may find it not perfect from far, but choosing these online platforms for selling your bike online in 30 minutes is advised. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll surely get a quick transaction facility as well. 

The main reason to choose an online platform that will help you get a guaranteed sale is a concern. You do not have to look for anything once your bike is sold at a desirable price; the agreed amount will be sent to your bank account in a couple of days. Check the records and reviews of the online platform, and then choose the one where you get the best price. 

The advantage of selling your bike instantly is quite a convenient process for you. The transaction and documentation are all taken care of without any hindrance. The main concern is getting the maximum value for your bike. The local shops lack expertise and can’t offer you a good price. On the online platforms, you won’t find any issues. 

Tips to follow to sell your bike online 

To sell your bike online is a challenging situation if you can’t find the perfect marketplace. And if you choose to sell your bike to a dealer, then both price and documentation might get delayed for no reason. Here are some top reasons for you to consider while selling your bike online.

1: Go for a quick cleaning 

It would be best to clean your bike before you put it up for selling. A bike should be well maintained. Clean the bike and remove all the dirt and dust before appealing it to your potential buyer. Look matters at the first go before someone buys your motorcycle. A well-maintained bike will surely grab more attention compared to the dirty one. 

2: Give a New Look with New Fix

The wisest thing you can do before selling your old bike gives it a new fix. It will enhance the look and performance of the bike that can increase the selling price overall. Check out for the small fixes of the bike like the tyre, rusted mirror, brake or clutch or anything. It may cost some extra bugs as well. It will indeed create a reasonable appeal for the buyers. 

3: Take as many pictures as you can!

The idea to sell a bike online instantly will only happen if you are smart with the image update. The customers across the platform expect a lot of images and information based on the bike, and any potential buyer can glance at the images of the bike in detail before they buy it. As a seller, you need to update as many good images as possible to get a clear glimpse of your bike and its parts. So it’s never too late for your bike to get sold at a good price quickly. 

Do I need to be honest with the bike condition?

Your ting ding might be a huge dent for the buyer. So if you are planning to sell your used bike, you need to be genuinely transparent to avoid any further issues that may turn out to be disastrous. It is better to confess all the problems or, if you have fixed any point, then show the service papers for a transparent sale. Believe it, this creates a good deal, and a reasonable price is expected. While you sell your bike to an online platform, an extensive check-up is done multiple times to ensure the bike’s condition and security. It is an ethically correct thing to do to stop people from fooling on the decision of buying a used bike or used motorcycle.

To sell bikes instantly in India, you need to follow the tips and tricks to get it sold at a good price. The demand is high when it comes to selling used bikes in India. If you are willing to sell it, do not worry about selling to a genuine platform to get authenticated service. A decline in the purchase takes an indirect route that needs to be sorted early to enjoy effortless service. 

Tips: While selling bikes online, take preventive measures like do keep a check on scams or text messages. Never respond to these. 




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