Increasing demand for educational applications on the web

Increasing demand for educational applications on the web

The impact of digitization has led to significant changes across the world, with education being one of the several aspects that has been affected. In the last few years, especially following the start of the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a gradual change noticed in the field of education. This has been noticed in the form of an increasing number of educators and teachers on the web, each offering a wide range of teaching services to the students. This kind of online teaching services provided a new avenue to the students as they found an alternative to offline education which was as effective as being taught offline. 

The popularity for online classes and such education app started post the increase in usage of the internet by the masses.The easy availability of smartphones made it all the more accessible for students from all parts of the world to avail the benefits of online teaching. Furthermore, what made this more exciting for the students is that they were given the opportunity to mix with students and teachers from across the world, further enhancing their growth. The benefits of online teaching have also been recognized by several schools and colleges across the country. There have been several institutions who have worked towards developing their own platform when it came to online teaching thereby highlighting the popularity of this method. 

Organizations using Online teaching medium 

There are several institutions across the country who have been successfully using the online medium to help teach their students. A few of those institutions have been discussed below followed by how they are using this medium for the benefit of the students.


This was one of the most affected institutions following the pandemic as due to Covid 19 lockdown was implemented throughout the world to ensure the safety of the students. However, despite the efforts of keeping the students safe, students have been significantly affected mentally due to schools staying closed for a long period of time. In such a situation, schools came with the solution of teaching the kids online through the development of their own websites. Thus, offline schools completely got transferred to online where students were also provided with the opportunity of flexibility as the number of classes were reduced with students being given more time to interact with the teachers. This method helped the students considerably as they were able to attend schools once again with their friends from the safety of their homes. 


Another set of institutions that took advantage of the online education revolution were the college. The colleges too made use of social media applications like zoom and skype to connect with the students and take classes online. This ensured that the students were able to stay up to date with their studies and provide them with the feel of a real classroom. The colleges also were able to use this medium to conduct examinations and thereby work towards the development of the future of the students. 

Professional Courses

Professional courses generally include the courses that are provided to professionals to help in the improvement of their skill sets. This includes learning new skills or even acquiring a new degree. The pandemic has pushed students towards using online mediums to undertake these classes and ensure the completion of their degrees. There are several educators and institutions across the globe that have taken up the use of this medium in helping students learn new professional skill sets. This has helped the students in being able to continue their education without any disruptions.

Therefore, it is evident that despite the many setbacks most institutions have found it beneficial to use online classes to reach out to their students and ensure that there was no disruption made to their studies. In fact it should also be noted that the use of this medium has provided the students with a sense of safety as they have been able to continue their studies from the comforts of their home and remain safe away from the pandemic. Therefore, it can be stated that online teaching has provided a lot of benefits and made it possible for institutions to continue teaching.

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