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49+ Olympics Instagram Captions | Quotes About The Olympics and Unity (Tokyo) | Paralympic Games

2021 Tokyo Olympics Instagram Captions: We have collected some of the most loved and trending Olympics Captions For Instagram, Classical Olympic Phrases, Quotes about The Olympics and unity, Olympics spirit Quotes, Olympic torch Quotes for you. We Also have Paralympic Games Captions.

As the Tokyo Olympics (2021) is going on we know that many people will be looking for some great Olympics captions or maybe for some inspirational Olympics phrases or quotes so here we have the best collection of Olympics Instagram captions, quotes & phrases

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Marcell Jacobs Quotes (100m Sprint Champion, Tokyo)


Trending Olympics Instagram Captions 2021 | Paralympic Captions

  • Nothing is easy especially in Olympics
  • Let the color of your medals speak
  • We are competitors not rivals
  • We are here to win not just to play
  • Do it for your team.
  • Come on make us proud
  • Set to Tokyo Time
  • Let the gold speak 
  • If you have skills, then you are welcome
  • We are with you guys
  • Gold is the color to aim for
  • Give me some good memories
  • Time for Tokyo 
  • Let the great game entertain your soul
  • Play for the pride
  • Nothing less than victory is acceptable
  • Go for big
  • Yes I know can do it

Tokyo Paralympic Captions 2020

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Quotes About The Olympics and Unity

  • Let the world know we are united by skills
  • (Classic Quote About Olympics and Unity)
  • Every participant is a champion 
  • Don’t worry about medals, worry about the show
  • Play to express not to impress the world
  • We play for the pride of our nation, medals are just bought products of our efforts
  • If you are master of your craft then welcome to the great arena


Today’s Top Quotes About The Olympics and Unity

  • Broken dreams, broken bones, broken records, I mean everything is on the plate
  • Let the greatest win (Quote About Olympics And Unity)
  • Let the best man win
  • This is the place to perform 
  • If you got some real skills then this is perfect for you


Catchy Olympics Instagram Phrases & Captions

  • Play fair, play hard
  • Either play hard or go home
  • Let the best vs best happen
  • The great show of skills(Olympics Captions Instagram)
  • The Olympics Time
  • The stage is set Sport is in the air
  • It’s Tokyo Time (Catchy Olympics Phrases)
  • Sporty vibes
  • Keep your attitude outside the stadium

Tokyo Paralympic Captions 2020

Sports Quotes & Captions

Special Olympics Inspirational Quotes (Tokyo)

  • Olympics has brought the athletes from all our the world, different religions and cultures together and this is the biggest achievement of this grand event
  • No one really cares here who you are if you got talent
  • Let them say what they want to say we will play and perform 
  • Nothing is easy especially in Olympics


Paralympic Captions 2020

  • Fair and tough competition, that’s all to expect
  • Results are not everything how you achieved also maters
  • Let’s entertain the world with our skills after the covid everyone needs it (Tokyo Olympics Spirit Quotes)
  • The holy spirit of the Olympics is inspiring me to do something great and make my countrymen feel happy

Olympics Instagram Captions 

Quotes About The Olympics and Unity

  • Let the light brighten up our souls
  • Holding the great torch was my only dream (2021 Olympics Torch Quotes)
  • This is the light of unity and honesty let God keep it bright forever
  • As a kid, I fantasized about the thought of holding the Olympics torch 
  • It’s the bearer of unity and art 
  • We are best when we are together
  • No is superior here by color or race. Here it’s all about talent
  • We are competitors but not rivals
  • I am here to win not to beat someone
  • I will celebrate my success not your defeat
  • All talented people fits perfectly here.


Funny Olympics Instagram Captions & Quotes

  • Prove your metal then think about the color of metal
  • Why do they bite medals, are they made of chocolate
  • Want to see the Olympics but I am too lazy for that
  • Are those medals really real? (Olympics Quotes Funny)
  • You won! So finally Olympics has a stupid medalist 


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  2. How many sports are there in the Olympics game?
  3. Who has won the most golds in the Olympics?
  4. Which was Usain Bolt’s last Olympics?
  5. What is the mascot for Tokyo Olympics?


So what is your thoughts on this ongoing Tokyo Olympics? Are you enjoying it were expecting a bettre event ?


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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Olympics

What is the motto of Tokyo Olympics 2020?

The official motto particularly for Tokyo Olympics is “United by Emotion”. While general motto for the Olympics is “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together.”

How many sports are there in Olympics

There are a total of 41 different sports in Olympics

Which Olympics Ring Colors represent America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia?

Red represents America, Blue is for Europe, Black is for Africa, Green is for Australia and Yellow represents Asia.

What are some great Olympics quotes

Play to express not to impress the world.
Let the color of your medals speak.
If you are master of your craft then welcome to the great arena.
We are competing with each other not fighting.
If you have skills, You are welcome.

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