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Inspirational Lamont Marcell Jacobs Quotes | Golden words by 100m Olympics Champion

Lamont Marcell Jacobs Quotes: Lamont Jacobs is gold medalist in 100m sprint in Tokyo Olympics. Marcell Jacobs has become the first Italian to won gold in the 100m Olympic sprint.

He is some of the most inspiring Lamont Jacobs quotes and at the bottom section, you will also find his reactions, comments, and thoughts after winning the Gold Medal in Tokyo Olympics.  

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Inspirational Lamont Jacobs Quotes:

I have paid in sweat for this gold


You first win it in your mind than on a track


Great things need great efforts


I like the sprint because it’s simple, you just run and run fast


If you want to run fast, then eat well. sleep well, and practice  


Try to out-perform your own self every day.


Why wait for an opportunity if you can go out and grab it


the harder you practice the harder it becomes for someone to beat you


Everyone wants to win but few want to work hard for it


Losing is not a bad thing if you lose to someone better than you


Why expect from someone else and not from yourself  (Great Lamont Jacobs Quotes)


I will be happier to be remembered as a good human being than a good sprinter or a long jumper 


You need support but it does not mean you need to be totally dependant on someone


I haven’t achieved this overnight, so it will not vanish in a night


Giving my best has always been my priority


Think of winning not beating someone else


Running is a simple thing there is no need to make it complicated by overthinking


Stay humble, stay nice to others, that’s what I have been taught


I am thankful to all those who trusted in me when no one else was.


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Lamont Marcell Jacobs Quotes After Winning Gold Medal in Olympics 

I have paid in sweat for this gold


It was my dream since childhood to win here for my country


I can smell my soul in this medal


9.80? That’s a number to remember for me


I am already thinking about the next one


Nothing is simple, especially in Olympics


See it’s not only about how I ran today, how I did day after day in practice also matters


I would like to thank all those who believed in me.


I did all I could then god given me all I wished

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It’s not only me but the entire support staff, fans, my countrymen everyone have won       


This is the dream I have watched thousands of times in sleep


It was close till the end, both the results were possible


I am very happy to win the 100 m Olympic gold for my country


Of course, there will be the celebrations


I was waiting for this moment


Italy has gone through tough times, I hope I’ve entertained my nation.


Thank you, Tokyo for the beautiful memories


I just have no words.


I like the tough competitions


What you work so hard for will surely come to you


Believing in myself is my strength


Always try to think in a positive way. 


Either it’s a sprint or long jump, you need to work equally hard


I am tired of explaining how important it is to put the best of your efforts but still, there are some people who think it’s all about natural abilities when it comes to track and field


When no one is ready to trust that you can do it, it is eventually the best opportunity for you to do it as there will be no pressure of expectations on your shoulders and you will be able to focus well on your game


I was raised to believe in ethics and values . I have always been admire for my hard work and dedication by my own self.


Just like any other athlete I want to win but the thing which makes the difference is I am also ready to work for that.

Reactions on Lamont Jacobs Winning 100m Sprint:

  • Watching him standing on top of that Olympic podium has made my day.
  • I am gonna tell my grandchildren about your triumph 
  • Thank you, Jacobs, we really needed this
  • Now we can proudly say we have this too
  • This guy has made us proud
  • The whole nation is proud of you


Interesting Facts about Lamont Marcell Jacobs:

  1. He completed the 100m sprint in 9.80s to win the Gold Medal in Tokyo Olympics
  2. He is now the fastest man in Europe 
  3. Jacobs father was in the American army
  4. Marcell Jacobs was born in El Paso of Texas
  5. His family left the U.S.when he was 1.5yr old
  6. He has also won the Italian Athletics Championship in Long Jump
  7. Lamont Jacobs is a father of three children
  8. Jacobs is 26 years old
  9. Currently, He is 1.88m in height and 79kg in weight
  10. Paolo Camossi is his current coach
  11.  He began participating in athletics when he was 10yrs old


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Hindi Quotes on Life of olympic athletes

उसे मनमानी करने दी यह मेरी ही खता थी
वक़्त रहते उसपर थोड़ा चिल्लाना चाहिये था
बोलकर तो कहाँ कभी प्यार जता पाया था
उसे एक बार दिलखोलकर दिखाना चाहिये था

जाना की गलियों में इस तरह मशहूर निकले
खता औरो ने की पर हमारे नाम कसूर नुकले

ख़फ़ा न हो गर किसी और पे नज़र है
तू तो जानती है मेरा दिल किधर है

थोड़ी सी गुस्ताखियां तो लाज़मी है
आखिर यह बंदगी नही चाहत है
पीना तो है पर आज प्याला रहने दे
अब बताओ भी, क्या इजाज़त है

अब के वो मिले तो पूछ ही लूंगा
साफ साफ कहो ना इरादा है क्या

कोई देखेगा तो क्या कहेगा मुजे अच्छा नही लगेगा
अब आप मेरे घर में शाम से सुबह न कीजिये

क़ुर्बे गुलबदन मे नही तो गुलसन मे ही सही
शाम तो रंगीन है गैर की अंजुमन मे ही सही
खिज़ा गयी है अब बहार भी चली आये
फूल तो खिले किसी और के वतन मे ही सही

हुस्न के फरेब बिखरे है वहां न जा
वो रहती है जिस गली मेने कहा न जा

सजदे करके कुछ न होगा गुनाह करके देख लो
जान जाओगे मशीहाई क्या है खुदाई क्या है

मुजसे पहले जो थे उनसे तो में वाकिफ हूँ पर
मेरे बाद तेरे और कितने यार हुए क्या मालूम

ट्रक एंड फिल्ड की दौड़ हो लॉन्ग जम्प का मैदान ज़िंदगी है हैरान

गोल्ड मैडल जीतवाना हे तो इतना बलिदान तो बनता है

हम अकेले तो नहीं हमारे साथ साड़ी जनता है

जो उखाड़ न है उखड ले तेरे हाथ में घंटा है

तेरे भाई जो मर्जी बोले गए तेरा भाई बनता है

भला फेंक जीत लिया गोल्ड या कहे की दिल

ओ  चोरे ग़ज़ब का एथलिट मोटीवेट करने सब आके मिल

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