Lucky Jet game rules

In this material we will talk about what is Lucky Jet on the site rajbet. You will get information about what are the mechanics of the game and what are its rules. You will also be able to understand the essence of Lucky Jet and identify the main advantages and disadvantages of the slot.

Lucky Jet – what is it?

Lucky Jet is a game representing a beautiful space landscape in the form of a runway. On it appears Lucky Joe, who goes on a flight on his jetpack. The longer Joe is on the runway – the faster the coefficient of your potential winnings increases. The task is simple – to collect your cash before Lucky flies away.

The game is interesting and gives any user the opportunity to earn money. Sometimes there are moments when bets are calculated with odds of 1.00. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon to see big Xs – up to several tens of thousands. In the upper panel in the game you can see the quotes of past bets, which are divided by color. Each color corresponds to the value of the coefficient:

1,00-1,99 – blue;
2,00-9,99 – purple;
From 10,00 and above – orange.

There are series of coefficients of the same color – for example, blue or purple. Orange color series are usually not found – in practice we have seen a maximum of 4 consecutive series. Purple series of 5 or more bets are a lot, which says one thing – this online game definitely gives you to earn.

Rules of the game

You need to make a bet by entering the denomination in the corresponding box – from 10 rubles. You can take your money at any time after the bet and the start of the round – to do this you need to press the bet button, which lights up orange from the start of the round. If you do not manage to take your money before Joe’s flight – the bet will be lost.

The maximum bet size is not limited. The user can make two bets at the same time. Two additional features are also available – auto withdrawal and auto bet. Auto-withdrawal will allow you to withdraw funds when you reach the odds specified by you. Auto wager will allow you to play each round at a fixed bet amount.

There are no other strict rules in Lucky Jet. The mechanics is simple, the interface is banal but beautiful. There is no need to delve into additional conditions and search for pitfalls – this is one of the advantages of this game. You place a bet – take the money, everything is simple and without cheating.

Lucky Jet is available only on the official website of BC 1win. Other matches with the same name can only indicate that the gaming platform uses a non-original analog. Some users on the network consider Lucky Jet to be a scam. In practice, we have made sure that this is not true, and the game objectively provides an opportunity to earn.

Can you win

Of course you can. Even if the odds played in the round are 1.01 – thanks to the auto withdrawal at this mark you can take your winnings. Few people play on such settings, but even without it there is an optimal opportunity to win. Purple colored odds are often played, it is not that rare to find super wins with odds of 100 or more.

It is recommended to play according to strategies to stabilize your earnings and make it permanent. Game models can be chosen a lot – from simple mathematical to author’s variants. Play at your discretion, try to include cold calculation and try to read the algorithm. Luck will not keep you waiting for long, and if you understand the principle of the game Lucky Jet can be turned into a way of semi-passive income.


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