Optimal devices for playing game simulators

Optimal devices for playing game simulators

Simulators are a special kind of PC games with the ability to feel like a professional in a certain profession.

Simulators are of different types – technical, where the player has to drive a train, plane, car and other equipment, and sports – where the gamer takes on the role of a professional player in football, basketball, formula 1 and other competitions.


To play simulators on a PC, certain devices are suitable:


  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Gamepad
  • Steering wheel and pedals
  • Game steering wheel (fly)
  • Monitor with good hertz performance
  • Good headset with 7.1 virtual sound

Keyboard and mouse


A classic set for most games to comfortably play sports simulators and earn fifa 23 coins is also suitable, but it’s better to take a gamepad.


In sports simulators, there is a huge set of key combinations that the player needs to press for successful feints, ball tackles, sheds, passes. The gaming keyboard, due to the programming of the keys, will cope with the number of combinations, but this option is far from convenient for everyone.


Also, thanks to macros, you can always set up a combination of game actions for one key. For example, in football – a quick pass.


In general, a mouse and keyboard are standard for all games and it is not necessary to use third-party devices, but for a deeper immersion in the game world of simulators, it is better to use devices that are optimal for this game.




The gamepad is an excellent device for all games where you need to quickly and accurately press key combinations to achieve results.


Suitable for sports simulators, fighting games about martial arts. Poorly suited for shooters, except for those where there is aim assistance. Due to the difference in accuracy when aiming with a gamepad and mouse, there is a separation between PC and PlayStation servers in online modes.


Gaming steering wheel and pedals


The steering wheel and pedals are naturally suitable for high-quality driving simulation in game simulators – racing, truck driving simulators and so on. Of course, there were cases when players won matches even in cs go using the steering wheel and pedals, but this is rather an exception to the rule and cool YouTube videos, nothing more.


In fact, using the steering wheel, pedals and a high-quality simulator like Euro track simulator, you can achieve a natural feeling when driving a vehicle. The same with racing, playing with special devices adds an interesting and realistic feeling to the gameplay.


Game steering wheel


We are talking about a device that simulates a pilot’s control lever for playing simulators related to air transport – piloting aircraft and helicopters.


By purchasing a steering wheel, you can achieve an interesting gaming experience when performing turns and aerobatics when flying in simulators about combat helicopters and airplanes, and it is interesting to fly in the most realistic air simulator – Microsoft Fly Simulator

Monitor with good hertz performance


Monitor with good hertz performance will become indispensable when playing simulators. A high hertz rate is considered above 120, and it is from this mark that the picture becomes smooth and softens the image during sudden movements.


In football, these are softer player movements and ball flight during passes and crosses, easy camera movement and generally smoother movement without jerking.


In driving simulators, this is a light and smooth turn of the head, without jerks and dizzying harshness. For driving, you can buy two more monitors and, by expanding the visual overview, achieve the effect of a cabin.


So on the first monitor there will be a front view – the steering wheel and the hood. Left – left mirror and window, right – right mirror and window. Such a set will give you the opportunity to control all aspects of the movement with a realistic effect, as if you yourself are driving a car.

Good headset with 7.1 virtual sound


A headset with good virtual or realistic sound will perfectly complement the gaming atmosphere.


For football, this will be a realistic stadium reaction to changes in the course of a match.


For driving – the surrounding road and other transport.


For flights – the sound of manned vehicles and the environment.


Real 7.1 sound is expensive, but it also sounds better than virtual. The virtual one imitates sound from seven speakers, but has an affordable cost and is perfect for getting acquainted with this technology and getting the full range of emotions from the game due to high-quality sound.

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