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79+ Wise Quotes About Greedy Family Members | Greedy Family Members After Death Quotes

Quotes About Greedy Family Members and Money: We all love our family members and generally spend our life happily by loving and caring for them but sometimes greed for money and selfishness destroys everything. (Quotes About Greedy Family And Money)

Here we have 99+ heart-touching and relatable quotes about selfish Family Members, Greedy Family Members After Death Quotes and Family Greed Inheritance quotes for you.

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Quotes About Greedy Family Members

For them, money matters more than a person


Humanity is dying in this family


Earlier there were love and care for each other now there is only greed


They think they can eat gold


Who needs an enemy if have relatives like these


No, I don’t need haters I have family members

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Quotes About Selfish Family Members

Nothing hurt more than getting hurt by your own people for no reason


I am tired of satisfying their greed


I am doing everything for them and they are doing everything to hurt me


New Quotes About Greedy Family Members

I don’t know why they hate me despite my love and care for them


I wish they could have understood how much I cared for the


My nightmares are related to my relatives


These guys have given me the worst time of my life


Greedy Relatives After Death Quotes

I was thinking I am a part of the family but this is not what can be called family


You are a family member but not a relative and I am sure you will not understand this thing


Without you, there is no family


I am seeing everyone fighting for money and properties after your demise, it feels like all they care for is money


Those who seemed loyal, also have shown their true colors


Greedy Family Members After Death Quotes (new)

Everyone is just fighting for money now, I am not sure if these are the people whom you used to love


There is a great difference between the words Family members and Relatives

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Greedy Family Members After Death Quotes (2021)

You did everything for us and we are still counting what you could have, how greedy we are


Those guys you cared a lot for are not even interested in talking about you after your demise


Now I understood what you used to say, In this world, no one is really yours


Greedy Family Members After Death Quotes (by readers) 

These greedy relatives teaching me new lessons every day 


I don’t want anything from these relatives, they should just leave me alone 


Quotes About Greedy Family And Money

In a family in which money is more important than a member, you will always find conspiracies and quarrels


A place full of selfish people is worst than the hell


I will choose hell over a place full of greedy people


Money is important but can never be the priority in family


Bitter Quotes About Greedy Family And Money

Wealth should bring mental and physical health to you, if it’s not then something is wrong


You can fight with the world but not with your own relatives, no matter how bad they are


You can calculate money not emotions


Quotes About Greedy Family And Money (By readers)

If you will keep replacing money with people, you will be too lonely at the end of the journey


Don’t let them go, your money can’t be brought few things and they are one of them


Quotes About Greed And Selfishness

Greed and selfishness are two sides of a coin


I have not seen any selfish person getting any real joy in life


Everybody has some amount of greed and it’s ok to have but the line should never be crosses 


You will often find so much greed in selfish people

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Clever Greed And Selfishness Quotes

Desires and greed both are different things and with time you will be able to see a thin line between them


Stay away from greedy friends otherwise, you will be a victim of pain and regrets


New Quotes About Greed And Selfishness

Don’t let your self-love turn into a selfishness


Let them run behind money, let me live my life


I know the true value of life, and this is a reason I am not into a dog race

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Greedy Family Members Quotes About Inheritance

What you will get after me? Maybe money, maybe a car but not the love


There is no need to fight for money, as I have nothing to give you


Empires have been destroyed due to this greed and still, the lessons are not learned


Family Greed Inheritance Quotes (new)

I have given all that I had


Values are the biggest inheritance, I know about


No one will hurt you but your own people


There will be few memories and some materialistic with you


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Hindi quotes about greedy family members

आज भी वो जब कभी मिल जाते है कहीं
हक़ जताते है यूह जैसे उन्ही का हु मैं

वक़्त के साथ तो हर कोई बदलता है पर
शिकायत है कि तुम बहुत जल्दी बदल गए

सुना है कोई पूछे अब दास्ताँ इश्क़ की तो कहती हो
एक शीशा था दिल नाम का टूटा और बिखर गया

मैं शिकायत करू तो मेरी शिकायत फ़िज़ूल हो
मुजे बददुआ_देनेवाले जा तेरी दुआ कुबूल हो
काश की वो दुआओ के कुबूल होनेका लम्हा हो
और में मांगू की मेरे हिस्से में वतन की धूल हो

क्या क्या सितम वो बेवफा करता है
दिल में रहने देता है न जुदा करता है।


तुम्हे क्या खबर वस्ल क्या है गमे जुदाई क्या है
तुम मोहब्बत नही करते ऐसे जिने में भलाई क्या है
वो किसीसे भी करे मगर वफ़ा करे तो अच्छा है
यह वो दौलत है जिसमे अपनी या परायी क्या है

वो माशूकाओं के मोहल्ले हो या दुश्मनो की गलियां
तेरी रेहमत से या रब में जहा भी गया छाया रहा

सुनकर मेरे शेर वो सहेली सी बोली
शायर ठीक है आशिक़ और कमाल था

ऐसे में किसीकी समज में आता है क्या
लिपटकर कहती है शरमाता है क्या
करता रहता है मेरी तस्वीर से बाते
सामने आउ तो फिर गभराता है क्या

मेहफिल ए रिन्द हो या मेहफिल ए याराँ
एक तेरा ज़िक्र ही काफी है छा जाने को

नींद में बोलने की आदत थी उसको
एक रोज़ चुपके से उसके ख़्वाब सुनलिये मैने

परिवार के सदस्यों की लालच ले डूबी ग़ालिब

वरना  कश्ती में लकड़ा बहुत अच्छा था

धोके बाज़ तो उसके परिवार वाले थे

बाकि उसे तो कभी पैसा नहीं देखा

कोई बेसबब आया और मुझको पूछा क्या बात है मेने कह दिया जो कुछ मेरे दिल में था और फिर वो पागल कहने लगा वाह वाह क्या बात है

ाचा था अच्छा से मिलना लेकिन

क्या बुरा था वो तेरी सोहबत में रहना

जज़्बातो को जुबा दे दे

मेरे मौला मुझे खुदा देदे

किस बात की शिकायत करे अपनों से अब हमे जो भी शिकायत थी

अर्ज़ क्र दी है अपने लोगो से मेने और वो अपने भी क्या अपने है

खयालो में अक्सर वो याद रेहत है मुझे मेरा यार याद रहता ही


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