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Sad Ex Best Friend Quotes | Fake Ex Best Friend Sayings

Sad Ex Best Friend QuotesWe all love our besties and they are the big reason behind our smiles. But sometimes, some things make us lose our best friends or they left us. Here are some Deep Sad True Ex Best Friend Quotes which will touch your heart

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Sad Ex Best Friend Quotes 

You are that dream of mine that has turned into a nightmare

Sad ex best friend quote


I will prefer straight forward enemy rather than a diplomatic friend


I was trying my best to understand you but you didn’t understand that


I am not trying to get you back in my life because I don’t want to lose you again


I had so many expectations from you that’s why I am so disappointed today

Sad Ex Best Friend Saying

you were more interested in advising than supporting

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All what I wanted from you is to stand by my self my old friend


It’s better not to argue if winning the argument means losing a friend

ex best friend sayings that make you cry

Even though I can’t forgive you for your acts, But I can’t forget you


You are that bestie of mine who has turned into the rival

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Fake Ex Best Friend Quotes 

I Still respect you but we can’t be friends again.


Your friendship was a big why I had that much confidence in myself

Fake Ex Best Friend Quote 

Who is your best friend now? Whom will you cheat next?


Roaming in the streets with you is something I will miss the most

Deep Sad Ex bestie Quotes

I wish we could be friends again


I wanted to fight the world by your side but you started fighting with me.


I don’t know what went wrong in our friendship may it was just time


I know dear your silence is one of the unuttered sentences.

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Broken Friendship Quotes That Make You Cry 

I always try to act like I don’t care but, you know what. . .


You didn’t saw me your real face before my bad time


Even you have started hating me just for being who I Am.

Broken Friendship Quotes That Make You Cry

My life has become the story of disappointments with you


I tried my best to keep you happy my friend but your desires were too much for me.


“Best Friends Forever” can be a good Insta Caption but not a thing of reality


Falling apart from a bestie hurts you more than breakups

Sad Quotes About Friendship Breakups


Old friends, new enemies, new realizations, that’s what the life is


Broken Friendships are the worst part of life


New Sad Quote About Friendship Breakups


I wish things could’ve been different.

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Missings Your Ex Best Friend Quotes 

The ink of my pen can’t explain the sorrow of your absence, but my wet eyes can


Your continuous lies are erasing the ink of trust every day

Missings Your Ex Best Friend Quote Sad

I was speaking the bitter truth not a sweat lie, and it was my only mistake


I know I was nothing to you but I wish you could’ve known you were everything to me


If my skin color is something which bothers you then my friend your eyes is bothering me.


Friends I don’t want you to text me every day or call me every week, I just want you to be total with me when you are with me


If you want people to call you every day, borrow $1000 from each of your friends

Deep Sad Ex Best Friend Quotes

My friend, you are the only reason why I am still smiling


I was only expecting loyalty from you, now I think it was too much

Sad quote for ex-best friends

I never asked you to be on my side but it doesn’t mean I didn’t want it


I don’t want to disappoint you but you are a looser


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Many people will come and go in your life but, make sure you don’t stop living and smiling for anyone. Yes I know without the goof friends life can look less impressive but you know what the world is too big, life is too long to just be stuck with old things.

At some point in life, we have to move on from old relations otherwise it will start hurting you and take the joy of life away from you. Don’t let this happen to you. You deserve a better life.

So here I am wishing you the very best of wishes for your life. Enjoy each and every moment of your life.

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Sad Ex Best friend quotes in Hindi

वो तो दवाई भी शराब में मिलाकर पीता है
आशिक़ मिजाज़ तो लबो से लब लगाकर पीता है
तुम उसे मैकदे जाने से फ़िज़ूल ही रोकती हो
वो शराबी तो तुम्हारी आंखों से चुराकर पीता है

एक तो यूह भी तेरा हुस्न आफत है
उसपर हमे भी शरारत की आदत है
लब को तेरे छुटे ही सवाल आता है
क्या कही और ऐसी नज़ाकत है

एक तो शायर उसपे आदमी भी संकी
देख क्या क्या खराबी तेरे बीमार में है

फूल खुसबू शबनम तितलियां भवरे
सब तेरे रंगीन दुपट्टे के हिसार में है

मुझसा दिल ख़ुदा कभी कभी बनाता है
कि में हर बार बेवफाओ से वफ़ा करता हूँ

खयालो में मुसलसल तेरा अक्स रहता है
में जगता हूँ बस मेरी आँखें सोती रहती है
देर तक देखता जाऊ जो तेरी तस्वीर को
बीते हुए लम्हो की यादे निकलती रहती है

कौन कहता है तुमसे की सच बोलो
जुठ मगर ऐसा बोलो कि ऐतबार आ जाए

में ख़ुद में इस कदर हूँ
कोई देर तक रुके तो मिल पाता हूँ

मौत ने बाहें फैला रक्खी है और
आशिक़ मिजाज़ में भी कुछ कम नही

एक ही वार में जिस्म को रूह से जुदा कर देना
मुझसे तेरे हाथ मे खंजर न देखा जाएगा

ज़ुक भी जाए सजदे में अगर
मुझ काफ़िर से दुआ क्या होगी

जाने किस बात का गम है मुझको
कि कोई मुद्दतो बाद याद आया

शायद तेरे सीनेपर कोई ज़ख्म निकले
तुम खुदमे ढूंढो तो तुममे से हम निकले

वो कब मुक़ाबला न कर पाया तो शमशीर रख दी
वो जानता था में कभी निहत्थे पे वार नहीं करता

ऐ ख़ुदा तू नहीं है तो कोई बात नहीं
पर तू है तो तुझसे बहुत ख़फ़ा हूँ में

में अश्क़ बनकर आऊंगा आँखों मे तेरी
मुझे अपने दामनपर तुम बिखरने देना

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