Senior year captions

First Day of Senior Year Captions | Senior Picture Captions for Guys (2022)

Senior Year Captions: Are you in search of some catchy senior year captions for your Instagram pictures that can enhance the significance of your pic greatly then welcome you are at the perfect place

We have collected 99+ senior Instagram captions for you to use with your amazing senior pictures. Feel free to use these senior captions with your social media posts.

First Day of Senior Year Captions

Senior Year Captions 2022

  • New road new companions
  • I am still a kid by a heart
  • I wish the clock can be turned back
  • In the class of life
  • Don’t Introduce, Announce yourself
  • Kill them with elegance
  • Have wished goodbye to yesterday
  • Why to look back? If the future is sexy
  • Try to express yourself no to impress me
  • Future is unpredictable so does me
  • I am too old to be called a freshman now
  • I am just a year older
  • Obsessed with me
  • Let me announce myself

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First Day of Senior Year Captions

  • I will not count the days, I will make the days count
  • Senior or junior, I respect everyone but in return for the same
  • Not nervous but Excited (Senior Year Captions)
  • Looking forward to winning them not to beat them
  • I cannot make everyone smile, and I don’t care, it’s not my duty
  • Let them say all they want to say
  • Optimistic but not foolish
  • Have met some cool dudes, and  few beauties, so it was a good first day
  • Impress them with your wit, not arrogance
  • The first impression is actually not everything at least not for a man with a brain
  • First-day of second journey
  • But  yes, sleeping on a bench will remain the same


Senior Picture Captions for Guys

  • Me with Me
  • Attitude matters especially when you are surrounded by arrogant kids
  • I don’t have cars to flaunt but heart to express
  • Captured in the school, 
  • See I am still the same
  • Not sure where to go but I am not lost 
  • The first day vibes
  • The senior year vibes
  • My name will be on the last page of her book
  • Start writing from the back of the notebook


Senior Year Quotes

  • One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life
  • Hope you understand that one added year of age doesn’t mean you should start talking boring stuff
  • This is the time to live, this is the time to die for someone
  • A boy with dreams can beat the man with all the facilities
  • These days will not come again in your life, live them, and live them well
  • It’s not your knowledge, it’s the wisdom that makes the difference
  • Learn the values, other stuff will follow you 
  • Don’t try to walk in some else shoes
  • No need to compare yourself with anyone, you are amazing in your own way

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Funny Senior Captions for Instagram

  • Let your cap check the heights of the sky
  • New teachers think I am funny, they are really funny (Funny Senior Year Instagram Captions)
  • I thought I am senior bow but it was only me acting accordingly
  • Surprised to see know that some of my friends have cleared the exams, ohh from where they borrowed the brain
  • Some new books and few more stupid people that’s all the difference is.
  • Tell your camera to click a good one of me
  • I know it’s not your camera’s fault
  • Cracked the exams, now I am looking like a crack

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Simple Senior Instagram Captions

  • Now it’s a time to take things seriously
  • Future seems even more blurred from here
  • To put my family in a better place I have to study with all my abilities
  • No matter how smart you are, you can never guarantee what will be in the question paper of life
  • Life doesn’t have any predictable questions
  • I had all the answers, I just forgot them on an exam day

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Senior Year Captions & Quotes for Instagram

  • All the attention will be on, tat’s what you and many like you would be thinking but actually, everybody is focused on their own stuff on the first day of school
  • No will be there to ask did you understand this thing clearly or not because now on everybody will be assuming we are old enough for everything
  • You never know what you will exactly become in the future but you can know what you can be and how to be
  • These years are not all about club nights and fun, they are also about working hard to fulfill the dreams of your and your parents
  • School is clearly not the place I loved the most but you don’t always go to your favorite places and that’s what life is

So these were First day of Senior Year Captions for 2022

Dear readers, so what are your senior year memories and experiences of school time and senior year? Were they rocking or not ?

Tell us which senior year captions you loved the most and you are going to use which senior year pictures 




Senior Hindi Captions 

ज़रा सी चोट क्या आई कलाई पे
मुजे याद आ गया दुपट्टा तेरा

मेरी नहीं होती तो किसी और की हो जाओ
की तुम्हे यूह तन्हा देखकर अच्छा नही लगता

शाहजहाँ से बढ़कर हूँ आशिक़, पर
दौलत के तराजू में इश्क़ तोला न करे
तू बेवफाई कर रहा है पर दुआ करना
कि में तुजसा हो जाऊ खुदा न करे

दिल की मस्जिद से यादो की अज़ान लगी है
चल यार उसकी गली में सजदा कर आये

कहीं ना कहीं कुछ तो बात और है तुममे
वरना तुमसे पहेले भी जो थी , हसीन थी

साझ-ए-दिल उठाया और गुनगुनाने लग गए
तुजे भुलाने बेठे थे फिर तुजे ही बुलाने लग गए
छेड़ दिया ज़िक्र जब तेरी बेवफाईओ का मेने
तेरे अपने ही लोग वाह वाह! चिल्लाने लग गए

जब सारे शहर में मुजे कोई मुजसा न मिला
फिर तो जो जैसा मिला में वैसा हो कर रह गया

तुजसे बढ़कर आती है अदाकारी मुझको
पर रिस्तो में कभी ये हुनर नही आज़माया

हर शाम एक उसे ही क्यों सोचते हो
तुमने मोहब्बते और भी की थी

होने को तो इसे वस्ल की शाम होना था
आप से आज कुछ दुआ सलाम होना था
फिर बैठे रहे शाम को कश लगाते हुए हम
वेसे इस शाम को आपकी शाम होना था

क्या कहूँ मुझे मंज़िल क्यों न मिली में कैसे कहूँ
कि तुझ बिन एक कदम का फ़ासला ज़माने मांगे

तेरा बदन तो हुस्न का करिश्मा है मगर
हमसा दिल भी खुदा कभी कभी बनाता है

किनारे पे जो बना दु तेरी आँखों की तस्वीर
तो तेरी गली आने-जाने समंदर लग जाए
में जो कहु की में वो जिसका तेरे दिलपे राज है
तो मुज गरीब से जलने सिकंदर लग जाए

बड़ी मुश्किल से फिर हमने बात बदली
यारो ने तो कर ही दिया था ज़िक्र तेरा

यह दिल तड़पता है तुझसे मरासिम को

आ कभी मिल अदावत से ही सही


आज रोये है तेरी खा वीरानियों पे ऐ दिल

वारं अकाल तक तो अभत नाज़ अपनी बातो पे था


स्कुल शाला,और सीनियर ईयर कैप्शन


हां दिल उदास होता है क्या करे दिल है कोई पत्थर तो नहीं

दिल की सुनो दिल की करो, क्या बुरा हिअ तुमको यह कहो

कोई गम नहीं ऐसा तो नहीं है मगर ऐ दोस्त

तेरी तरह हम हर किसीसे बाते दिल की नहीं करते


वक़्त मुश्किल है मगर गुज़र ही जायेगा

क्या करना है तुझे यु भी

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