F1 Mid Season Quotes and Hungarian GP Quotes by Ocon


Also, read some Alpine F1 quotes captions

This was the moment I was waiting for

No one was expecting that Ocon will win or even do anything great in this race but all those predictions have proved wrong or let me say have made proven wrong by Ocon and Alpine team

Yes there is no doubt that it was the first lap drama that became hero and villain for few in this race but this thing does not alter the fact that this french driver has handled the pressure well and haven’t put the foot wrong during the race

And one thing is must to remember is the kind of bad form through which Esteban Ocon was going through before since the last 4-5 races. 

Now with these heroics, he is now 2 points ahead of his teammate Alonso

Yes here I also have to mention Fernando Alonso whose herculean effort to keep Mercedes of Hamilton stuck behind him for more than 6 laps has eventually meant the victory for Ocon

Being an Alonso fan I am very happy with his form and efforts

Let’s see what will happen in th upcoming races. This is surely going to be the season to remember for decades with Lewis and Verstappen locking the horns for title

Esteban Ocon Quotes On F1 victory

It’s been a long time since GP 2 days

Big thanks go to Fernando and the whole alpine F1 team

Yes there was lots of pressure through out the race, as Seb was driving really well, but yeah in the end it was our day

1st lap was like a nightmare for some while was like a dream for others

Dreams do come true I mean just look at me

I am gonna have the greatest morning tomorrow

Esteban Ocon Quotes After Hungarian GP win

Magics do happen even in F1

There was opportunities and I was good enough to grab it

It is a magic

I am thankful to Alonso to hold the Lewis and even Seb would be thinking this

A crazy, amazing, memorable day

I hope to see a couple of more days like this, in the upcoming weeks.


Hamilton Radio Message Hungarian GP

It was harder than expected

So we are ahead now

Thank you guys for everything, together we can do it again

Very unfortunate for Bottas, but it happens, it’s a part of racing

Alonso is still amazingly crafty

I don’t have tires.

As we all know, Hungary isn’t the easiest track to overtake so coming on the podium from the back of the grid is really very satisfying

Yes was not going so aggressive on Alonso because he was defending so well, any out-of-the-box move could have hurt both of us. But yeah I enjoyed duel with him. It’s like running back to memory lane


I don’t know what they are trying to do, but it is stupid 

You don’t win only with your desires you win with your efforts

F1 can be difficult if you don’t know how to handle the pressure

Max Verstappen Hungarian Radio messages

Max Verstappen Hungarian GP Radio messages and post-race quotes

Ohh no, not again

What the f**k is going on with us

Maybe time has different ideas

Trying my best, but the best is not working

It is not good, not for racing, not for F1

Do they really call it a penalty

I was quick but not quick enough after first lap

Now nothing can be changed by complaining 

Sebastian Vettel F1 Quotes & Captions

Could have to get more, but still happy with we got

It was clearly Esteban’s day

Yeah guys see we can do it, and do it more on our days

No excuses, let me just congratulate him

Happy for Ocon, happy for me, happy for the team, so overall a happy race

Esteban Ocon Quotes Hungarian GP 2021

So these were some interesting quotes and radio messages given by Esteban Ocon during Hungarian GP.

And after that, we had some of the crazy Hundarial GP radio messages and post-race comments by F1 drivers for you

Hope you will also love these speed quotes

Speed is what matters

nothing can be faster than me in that car

speed can kill you but It can also make you feel alive

Ocon will surely be going to get some fierce competition by Alonso in upcoming races as now Alonso looks in good touch.

Let’s see how Frenchman will handle the pressure of having two-time world champion in teamDear readers, you can also share your favorite quotes and radio messages from the 2021 f1 season so that we can add them here to give some enhanced value to our visitors

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Old South Asian Sayings about Racinng

बाद-ऐ-वस्ल का सुकूँ भी है छूने में
ये तेरे कमरे मे सोकर आयी होगी
बेवफा बेवफा कह रही है मुजको
शायद तेरी बाते सुनकर आयी होगी

इस सबब से मुजे मेरी गुमनामी प्यारी है
की मेरी सोहरत मेरी मेहबूब की रुसवाई है

मेरा हाल देखकर यूँ हैरान न हो
समंदर सूख जाए तो रण लगता है

में जो हु सो हु , तू जो है सो है
तू खुदाई कर में गलतियां करु

संभल ले मुकजोको सकी की तेरी निगाहो की कसम है तुझको 

क्या कहे क्यों कहे क्या बात है ऐसी तो उसमे की बात फेर लेता है वो हर बार जब बात वफ़ा की करु 

रफ़्तार गाडी की क्या है कुछ नहीं है बस कहने की बात है 

बोलने की बात हिअ 

वर्ण किसीकी क्या औकात है 

प्रतिस्पर्धा ही तो जीवन है और जीवन का मूल्य क्या है 

किसी मौसम में वो ऐडा भी हो जो बदल सके हाल अपना भी 

क्या करे जब कोई बात बने और बनकर बिगड़ जाये ज़िंदगी दौड़ का मैदान तो नहीं है 

Ha patzad ka mousam hai …. Darakhto ki Sakho pe patte nhi, gulsan me bhavre to hai par gul-o-bulbul ke jalwe nhi…par mene yahi ek umr guzari hai… Me keh skta hu… Yeh surkh hawae… Aanewali baharo ke paigam layi hai…
Dur pardesh se kisi apne ke payam layi hai……..
Ha aanewali baharo ke paigam layi hai

Jivan na ketlak prasango kapra lagya
Dushman thik hta dost aghra lagya
Bagicha ma mast joi ek primi yugal ne
Kem Aava prasango mne aapda lagya
je dhabe khusiyoni patang chagavi hti
Dukh ma aej badha dhadta chapra lagya

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