The Most Damaging Money Rules Songs Teach Us

The Most Damaging Money Rules Songs Teach Us

Music can influence perceptions of the world around us. It evokes emotions and shapes certain attitudes about things. There are many money-themed hits in the world’s pop culture, but not all of them teach listeners how to handle money properly.

Here are some harmful attitudes that are etched in listeners’ minds.

Money Is Evil

This thought often appears in songs. Many people come to this conclusion one way or another when their money situation doesn’t suit them.

Money cannot be good or evil – it is only a means of payment. It is up to the individual to decide how to dispose of it. Such statements about money persuade us to distance ourselves from it and pay attention to other things. But investing and earning income hasn’t stopped anyone yet. Not worrying about how to make it to the paycheck makes a person much happier than believing that money is evil.

Money Comes Easy

There are people who believe in money luck. They are convinced that if a person is lucky, then the money will come to him without any effort. If they try to own large sums of money, it is only by winning a lotteries or Bizzo slot machine games. Do people often hear songs about lotteries? Probably not. But there are songs that convince their listeners that money is easy money.

Often the tracks describe the dream of one day getting rich. It also instills the idea of how suddenly and easily money can come, if you just wait. The American singer Bruno Mars, together with Travi McCoy, has the world famous song Billionaire, where the main character dreams of becoming a billionaire and doing everything he couldn’t before.

Excessive optimism often convinces you that you are either lucky and rich or poor. Typically, such songs, other than dreaminess, cause no movement, and novice investors are persuaded that one stroke of luck is enough for a deal that will make them rich. Whereas one should work diligently on one’s deposits rather than hope for sudden luck.

Only the Rich Have Money

Many people who are not rich are convinced that it is impossible to earn a lot of money in an honest way. There is an opinion that the rich have acquired their possessions through various machinations. Some people insinuate to themselves and to those around them that it is impossible to be among them. There are also enough songs in the world of music to convince the listener of this.

The world famous hit Money by Abba is a girl’s story about how everything she dreams of is available only in the world of rich people. Therefore, the heroine of the song dreams of marrying a rich man and being among the ranks of wealthy people.

The belief that large incomes are a kind of fraud puts many people in a bind. They have no hope of starting their own business, thinking that they are unlikely to make their way in the world of the rich. This belief hurts first-time investors as well: it discredits their faith in their strength and potential.

Money Should Be Spent

There is a belief: to start a cash flow, you must not be stingy. So, those who hold such an opinion often waste their savings without remorse. Often such thoughts slip into the works of world-famous singers. A person constantly hears about spending money, and as a result tends to spend it, relieves stress with impulse purchases, or buys another useless thing.

Such an attitude towards money sets up an overly positive mood and encourages unreasonable spending, because of which you can lose a significant portion of all savings.

Money Should Be Greedily Saved

While some people are used to spending money, others are used to saving. Many people have a thirst for saving. It has to do with the fear of being left without money in some force majeure situation. All this leads to the fact that funds are put aside and simply lie until better times.

Excessive thirst for savings turns into stinginess. As a result, such people are so afraid of losing their savings that he or she can do nothing but keep them in the bank. 

Music always affects people, their moods and beliefs. To avoid falling into the trap of bad investment advice, remember, no matter what the performers are singing about, a sensible attitude toward finances is far more useful than emotional attitudes.

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