What Are Some Easy Fixes For Missing DLL Files?

Microsoft has offered its users various applications that make their lives easier. If your work revolves around your laptop and you use Windows as your operating system, facing issues like missing DLL is a common problem. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library, a file containing a set of codes used by various applications at a time. It also promotes code reusability. This error usually occurs when you try to run a program or application, and the system does not let it carry out that function due to the missing DLL. This happens when the program you’re trying to run requires a DLL on the system, which is missing, causing an error. One of the most common missing DLL isvcruntime140.dll, a Microsoft C Runtime Library application extension of an operating system size of around 86 KB, located in the System32 folder or SysWOW64 folder, depending on which Windows operating system you’re using.

This file is used to run third-party applications like games and Skype, and an error in this DLL file means that the file cannot access the code in the application or locate the file. When your system sends you a message regarding the missing DLL, it usually suggests that you may have deleted it, been corrupted unknowingly, or been infected by a virus that stops it from running the application. Here are a few approved ways to fix or troubleshoot this error to ensure the smooth functioning of the program-

Was Not Found Error:

This error message appears on your screen when the file is not found on the computer or was deleted by mistake. There are a few steps that you need to follow to fix this problem. You need to download the missing file to access the program that you’re running. The steps are as follows-

Go to any official website to download the file, which provides original DLL files. This ensures that the file you’ll be downloading does not contain any viruses that can further damage your computer.
Choose the version that is suitable for your computer.
Download and install the file
Launch the program you desire to use
Missing Error:

This error message appears when the DLL file is missing or has been corrupted in a way. To fix this problem, you can try to repair the corrupt files in the memory. First, you can try to scan the files by opening the command prompt window and typing SFC /scan now. It helps you browse all the corrupt files in your system.

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio:

You can also opt for the Visual C++ redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. Again, the process is simple: choose any authentic site with good reviews and download the update. Once you’re done downloading, install the application and restart the computer.  

Final Thoughts:

An error due to the vcruntime140.dll file can cause many problems when trying to get your work done. The points mentioned above can make the fixes easy, but downloading and manually replacing the files is always recommended in case of any such error.

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