Treat Your Tastebuds To South Indian Food In Jaipur!

Treat Your Tastebuds To South Indian Food In Jaipur!

The Pink City of India Jaipur is one of the most beautifully designed cities in the country. The capital city of Rajasthan is rich in heritage and culture and is therefore a popular tourist attraction. The traditions of Jaipur are vibrant and the architecture is mesmerizing, the city truly leaves a lasting impression on a tourist’s mind. Some amazing heritage sites in Jaipur include the City Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, and Amber Fort. 


Apart from the culture and architecture, Jaipur is also famous for its food. The food in Jaipur is flavourful and vibrant, just like the city itself. It is as if the food reflects the entire city and state with every plate. The people of Jaipur are strong believers in offering the high-quality hospitality that Rajasthan is famous for and food is a huge part of that hospitality. 

Food in Jaipur 

Do you feel there is no end to your food cravings? We are sure you are not the only one on this boat. There is no end to our cravings which makes us feel like the saying “The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is true. Sometimes we find ourselves looking for a sweet treat and sometimes we just can’t resist savory flavors. The people of Jaipur are no different when it comes to cravings, they are huge foodies and that’s why the restaurants in Jaipur are growing day by day. 


Gone are the days when a limited menu and an above-average quality of food could satisfy the customers. Now, more and more customers are looking for authentic taste and a better culinary experience. These expectations remain the same whether they are eating in a restaurant or ordering food at home. Authentic cuisines were rare to find five to seven years ago but now all good restaurants strive daily to offer authentic cuisines from all over the world. Among Indian cuisines, the most popular cuisine is South Indian food. Due to this popularity, there are so many new South Indian restaurants in Jaipur


What do South Indian Restaurants of Jaipur have to offer?

The South Indian food available in Jaipur isn’t just limited to the staple masala dosa & idli sambhar. As we mentioned above, limited menus don’t make the customers happy anymore and South Indian restaurants from Jaipur are no strangers to this concept. They offer a delicious variety of South Indian cuisine. The recipes of these dishes hail from southern states of India, mainly Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. These dishes are highly popular among the vegetarian folks of Jaipur for all the right reasons. Look at this comprehensive list of dishes you can find in the South Indian restaurants in Jaipur:  



Idlis are fluffy rice cakes which are made from a fermented after of lentils and rice. They are served with sambhar and coconut chutney on the side. You can also find varieties like rava idli and fried idli in restaurants in Jaipur. 


A variety of Dosa:

 A dosa is a thin crepe made from fermented lentils & rice flour and can be made in various varieties. Some of these varieties are masala dosa, plain dosa, onion dosa, cheese dosa, and more. These savory crepes are usually served with sambhar and coconut chutney on the side. 


Chettinad Cuisine: 

The Chettinad cuisine of south India is famous for being spicy and flavourful and many restaurants in Jaipur specialize in this category of south Indian cuisine. A couple of famous dishes from the cuisine are Chettinad fish curry & Chettinad chicken. 


Filter Coffee: 

No South Indian Restaurant is complete without filter coffee. It is no secret that the folks residing in the southern parts of India love their filter coffee. It is authentically served in steel glasses and is becoming more and more popular above and beyond the southern states of the country. 



One of the most popular South Indian appetizers has made its way to the hearts of North Indians in recent times. It is a  spicy and tangy soup made primarily using tomatoes & tamarind along with a variety of spices. The lovers of South Indian food always have it in their carts ready to order, even when they cannot go out to eat. 



This thick rice pancake is yet another popular dish served by the South Indian restaurants of Jaipur. It is made with the same batter as dosa but there are vegetables like onions, capsicum, and tomatoes added to the batter. It is commonly cooked on a griddle and served with coconut chutney



We bet you never knew semolina could be so delicious before trying upma! This semolina-based savory porridge is seasoned and flavored with vegetables and a variety of spices and is a perfect breakfast for lovers of South Indian Food. 



This doughnut-shaped fritter made from lentil flour charms people who don’t classify themselves as foodies. Vada is commonly served with coconut chutney and sambhar and is one of the top favorite dishes ordered from South Indian Restaurants in Jaipur. 


South Indian cuisine is mainly popular among vegetarian people but there is a great variety of non-veg dishes also available in some restaurants. You just need to look for the right restaurant and dish that serves South Indian non-veg dishes in Jaipur. With the rising trend of ordering food online from food delivery platforms, you don’t even have to go out to enjoy your favorite South Indian food in Jaipur. Online platforms like Swiggy are ready to serve you 7 days a week to deliver happiness in the form of food to your doorstep. Who doesn’t feel happy after eating food after all? Stop waiting and order your favorite South Indian food right now. 

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