Why Compliance Training is so Important for Businesses of All Sizes

Why Compliance Training is so Important for Businesses of All Sizes

Something that often surprises me when I start to research what compliance is and what it means for small businesses in particular is how easily it can slip through the cracks and be seen as not important.  No matter what size you are, you should prioritize education on what it is and how it works.  This protects both you and everyone you employ.

Today, I’ll be focusing on the small business aspect of this.  You see, they have a very specific culture.  You can read about how to create your own unique one via this link, but remember that it all stems from adhering to regulations properly and making yourself a positive presence in your community.

Creating Brand Recognition

When you think of most large corporations or businesses, they probably have some sort of imagery that you associate with them.  This could be a mascot or a certain slogan that sticks with you even years after a commercial goes live, for example.  Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to replicate that sort of success.

What can we do, then?  Well, probably the best thing you can do is carefully cultivate a reputation and image for yourself that you live up to in practice.  Don’t craft it based on lies – rather, reflect on the strengths of your company and prioritize those.  Ideally, one of these strengths will be compliance.

If you weren’t aware, it is a multi-faceted topic that can really influence your performance and growth as a company.  You see, it tackles several different issues.  One of them is security risks.  Many servers, especially when there is e-commerce involved, store customer information.  You want your consumers to be able to trust that you are keeping these treasured personal details safe.

So, training your employees to handle emails with care is quite important, even if it doesn’t seem like the case on the surface.  Even the smallest things could lead to problems, so don’t slack.  Make yourself an organization that people can trust – that should be a feature of your name that is inherently known.

Additionally, if you have a diverse and happy workforce, this generally reflects quite well on you and your integrity.  Most customers are more likely to purchase from a store again or repeat a service if they are happy with how they are treated and the atmosphere in which they visit.  So, providing a quiet and content space that reflects multiple walks of life is surprisingly effective in building loyalty to your name!

Why Compliance Training is so Important for Businesses of All SizesBetter Employee Retention

If you’ve ever dealt with a high turnover rate, you know how frustrating it can be.  It seems to be a problem that is becoming more and more common.  You can see evidence of that here: https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/jolts.pdf.  Thankfully, there are things we can do to mitigate it!

Instating policies that create firm guidelines surrounding compliance can assist.  What do I mean by this?  Well, a large part of it is making the space safer for your workers.  Even offering a shoulder to lean on or ear to listen to if issues come up can work wonders.

Employees should feel comfortable coming to you or any of their supervisors about a harassment incident, for example.  You should not dismiss any allegations of misconduct.  This includes microaggressions and any other forms of discrimination or harassment.  

While the acts that constitute as these seem obvious to some, they might not be for others.  So, patience and understanding are key.  Listen to both sides, but don’t excuse any harmful behavior either.  It’s a fine line to walk on but use your best judgement.

Education is an Excellent Form of Prevention

On top of being required by most states, training sessions can be quite beneficial to both you and your team.  While you might not want to create a long and drawn out in-person presentation, this isn’t the only course you can take.  For example, you might consider compliance online training as an option for workers to complete.  

Thankfully, most of these programs provide you with the ability to examine the curriculum offered and to tweak it for your organization.  After all, you want to personalize it to your unique situations as much as you can.  Not everything is applicable for each industry, as well.

For small businesses out there, just remember not to let compliance fall to the side.  Give it the attention it deserves, and you’ll probably find that it’s benefitting you quite a lot.  Being a voice for change and innovation in your local town or city can give you a reputation boost and maybe even let you expand!  Either way, you will get to experience increased profits and better marketing as well.  

Hopefully, this has served as a valuable resource for you!

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