Why Do Slot Machines Use Fruit Reel Symbols? It Exciting Facts and History

Why Do Slot Machines Use Fruit Reel Symbols? It Exciting Facts and History

“They are the new breed of slot machine-colorful, fancy, wonderful, and exciting…and even deadly.”

They are classic and chic fruit slot machines. You can hit a land-based casino or go online on the online casino Singapore; these fruit slot machines will provide umpteen joy. They tickle your favorite joy nerve to play more. Fruits in slot machines are an intelligent way to imitate the players’ senses to play these jackpot machines. According to the Straits Times report, the earnings of the slot games Singapore have increased to SGD 11.3 million.

You must be wondering why slot machines use fruit symbols. Let us walk you through the time from its inception to the modern-day fruit slot machines.

History of Fruit Slot Machines

Slot machines came into gameplay in the 19th century. They have undergone many modifications, like moving from traditional casinos to modern ones. It has 100% boosted the way slot games are played.

Charles Fey invented the first slot machine in 1895. It was a machine with three reels and five symbols. The first symbols used on the slot machines were spades, diamonds, horseshoes, hearts, and Liberty Bell. Here, the Liberty Bell is the highest-paying symbol, and the player will win a jackpot when three of them appear.

In 1930, the first fruit slot machine was introduced in the USA. These slot machines had fruit symbols on their reels. It was done to bypass the gambling laws that prohibited using real money on slot machines. Instead of money, players use it to get fruit-flavored gums.

In 1960, electronic slot machines emerged. But the designers still like using classic fruit symbols only. Nowadays, you can find fruit slot machines or jackpot machines in analog and digital casinos. These machines are a staple in land-based casinos, but they also bring a nostalgic appeal in online casinos.

Why Use Fruits in Slot Machines?

Why do casinos use fruits in slot machines? We already know the history behind the starting of fruit slot machines. However, the one-arm bandits as fruit machines were popularly called because they used to get activated by pulling the side handle.

These one-arm bandit slot machines were first known as the fruit machines in Great Britain before reaching the United States of America. The Industry Novelty Company is owned and run by OD. Jennings used the first fruit reel slot machines. San Francisco banned 3,300 slot machines in the city, citing them as illegal because they paid coins.

Fruits in slot machines were started to escape the new gambling laws in the UK and USA. They became chewing gum dispensers tasting like the fruits used in the slot machines. The winnings were the flavors of the gums. The fruit reel symbols included plums, cherries, oranges, watermelons, and lemons. Well, every bet placed became the winning bet. So, instead of the betting machines, they become automatic vending machines.

These were placed in many pubs, arcades, and amusement parks. Fruit slot machines are available for players more than 18 years of age. They work in the same older way, but the new machines have become a little complex because they pay money. Old machines used to work on the probability of how much money they would pay. The new slot machines pay a certain percentage of money, between 75% and 80%. These fruit slot machines can sometimes pay more, but only it is seen on online casino sites.

Create Winning Combination in the Fruit Slot Machine and How they Make Payments

How do you get a winning combination in the fruit slot machine?

Well, fruit machines are not at all difficult to play. Pull the lever; the slot machine will start rolling. The combination will be determined by the percentage already set by the casino. These fruit machines can be based on different themes, but the common winning symbols that will be made are pears, cherries, and apples.

To create the winning combination in the fruit slot machine, you must pull the lever at the right moment. The computer chip inside the device will determine what symbols you will receive as a combination.

The credits will be placed on your member card if the winning combination appears. Paylines can make horizontal or vertical combinations. The more lines you will play, the more chances are there for winning.

Apart from this, the Random Number Generator is also used to randomize the chances of winning. It can create a sequence of numbers produced by the RNG that matches the symbols on the reels. The fruit slots work as the regular ones with the strategies based on the variance rates and the RTP.

Note: The payment for the high variance slots will be less than those with low variance rates.

Modern Fruit Slots: What is the Present Status?

The fruit slot machines nowadays offer massive wins, and reputed casino like Maxim88 in Singapore provides great bonuses and promotional offers. You can get everything from the welcome bonus to weekly cash back at this online casino.

Modern technologies like RNG are used to make the winning combinations. Online casinos present these fruity slots with great graphics and real-money gameplay. You can play with real money and earn cash winnings too.

Modern slot machine games like Fruits Mania, Classic Fruits 7, Eternal Fire, Tiki Fruits, etc., are a few fruit slot machine games the casino offers. You can bet as per your budget and go high roller like a Pro. The new-age slot games depend on variance, hit frequency, and RTP.

Play Fruity Slots in an Immersive Way!

Well, fruit slot machines have been around since the year 1900. They are becoming a frenzy because of their nostalgia for the players. You can start betting with the lowest amount and increase as required. These fruit slot machines have become interactive and immersive. Playing fruit slot machines with powerful graphics will let you experience this classic slot in a new avatar. If you haven’t tried your hands at fruit slot machines, open your horizon to give this slot machine a go at Maxim88 and have fun.

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