Why You Need a Contractor License Bond & How to Get It?

Why You Need a Contractor License Bond & How to Get It?

All contractors, at one point or another, decide that they need to get a license for their type of business. And, while some of them might procrastinate and postpone the decision for some time, for whatever reason, the truth is that they will ultimately also come to the same conclusion. Basically, they’ll realize that getting a license is a must, and not only because it complies with the law, but also because it can be quite beneficial business wise.

Read about contractor licenses: https://www.lawinsider.com/dictionary/contractor-license 

Now, before you can embark on the journey of getting any such licenses, what you need to do first is understand the concept of contractor license bonds in California. Not being informed about this particular concept could lead to making certain wrong moves in the process, which is not what you want. So, what you need to do instead is understand precisely what these bonds are, why you need them, as well as how to get them in California.

What Is a Contractor License Bond?

A contractor license bond is a type of a commercial surety bond that offers guarantee to the state and the public that the contractor will respect and observe all the state licensing statutes and regulations. As a contract that’s legally binding, it protects the project owners and the public from a contractor that provides poor quality work or doesn’t complete it, that fails to pay certain permits, or suppliers, or even workers, or that simply fails to observe contract that has been agreed on.

Basically, this type of an agreement binds three parties, including the contractor, the project owner and the surety provider. By the surety bond, it is guaranteed that the contractor will follow the laws and regulations specific for their particular industry. That, in turn, puts clients’ minds at ease, knowing that they will get high quality work done by these professionals.

Why You Need a Contractor License Bond & How to Get It?

Why You Need a Contractor License Bond?

Now, understanding what this particular bond entails isn’t enough to get you to figure out why it is that you need to get one. So, mentioning at least a few important reasons here is a must. First things first, most states require contractors to get this type of a surety bond in order to be eligible for a license, meaning that you may be obliged to get it if you want to go legal and get a license for your business, which you sure should.

Moving on, if you are not that sure why you need a license in the first place, just think about this for a second. When choosing companies to partner up with, people tend to choose those that are guaranteed to do a great job for them. And, a California contractor bond, leading to a proper license, will be a guarantee of that. Meaning, you’ll get much more clients if you do this.

And, naturally, you won’t lose your existing ones. While some clients may be used to you, chances are that they will want to switch to a licensed contractor at one point or another, just because it is much safer for them. Not wanting to lose your clients, and aiming at gaining new ones as well, you should definitely get the contractor license bond and then get properly licensed in California.

How to Get It in California?

Speaking of that, you’re most probably now wondering how to get this bond in California. That, however, shouldn’t be difficult at all, as there are numerous providers ready to offer you the type of surety you need. Choosing one of them, however, can be a bit more complicated, because there are various factors to consider so as to make the best choice, and you may be confused about that if this is your first time searching for these providers.

In any case, considering the level of experience of these providers is surely one of the first things to do, after which you should proceed to check their reputation. After all, you don’t want ill-reputed and shady providers, as that could result in not getting the bond you actually need. And, last but not least, once you’ve found an experienced and reputable provider, you should proceed to comparing the costs of the service and the bonds, so as to choose a reasonable option.

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