How Can UI Design Improve My E-Commerce Sales?

When you are running an e-commerce website, improving the conversion rates and creating leads is something constantly plaguing your mind. Just like how the interiors of a store attract you to walk through their doors and make a purchase, the UI design of a website is equally important in making the visitors of your website customers.

Nearly half the people visiting a website deem its design as the most important factor in deciding the credibility of the business. If the design is too clunky or incongruent with your brand, people tend to click away faster from your page. Thus, optimising the design of your website can send your sales soaring through the sky.

Ways UI Design Can Improve Your Business

Simplify Navigation

There is a reason why physical stores have large signages indicating where to find specific products, the exit, and the cashier. Being able to navigate a space easily endears it to people, and they tend to come back again as customers.

When your e-commerce website is a nightmare to navigate, there is no reason to wonder why your bounce rates are so high. People simply click away if they can’t find what they want in seconds. From having an optimised search field to correctly categorising your products, the easier it is to navigate your website, the better sales you will see.

Quality Product Imagery

A picture is worth a thousand words, but how can you expect to convey important messages through pictures when the images on your website are blurry or rendered huge? When it comes to placing the images of your products, you need to invest time and resources to get clear and attractive pictures.

Once you have captured and edited high-quality images, find a size that maintains a balance on your website. They need to be tastefully creative, and the customer can clearly look at what they are about to purchase.

Optimised for Different Devices

Gone are the days when people browsed using computers and laptops alone. To impress the maximum audience, you must test and optimise your website for various devices. When you put in all the efforts to make the site accessible to users on laptops and smartphones, people reaching your website via tablets feel alienated and click on your competitors’ websites.

Outstanding Homepage

They say, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover,’ but people will judge your website based on your homepage. People will bounce if the landing page isn’t attractive, reliable, and simple enough. Some of the elements you need to focus on while optimising the UI design are the company logo, homepage footer, and contact details.

It would help if you also had a mixture of content blocks to bring life to your homepage. Unending text or unorganised images are the last things you want on your website if you hope to maintain a steady clientele. A combination of videos, accurate product information, images, and a call to action is the best way to ensure visitors know what to do when they are on your page.

Summing It Up

User experience is the holy grail of driving e-commerce sales. Great UI design will ensure that your brand appears reliable, attracts customers, retains them, and stimulates them to revisit the website. Designing a good user experience should be your top priority when building your e-commerce website. With an eye for detail and some creativity, you can create simple yet powerful designs for your brand.  

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